Hey Gang – My apologies for the delay since my last report. You guys have been keeping me VERY busy, and I am grateful. Thank you! Other than Mother’s Day and my little junket to Guntersville a few weeks ago, I have been on the water every day. I am going to switch to only half days on the weekends at this point as the lake has became quite busy in the afternoons as I am sure you can imagine. The fishing has been excellent over the last couple of weeks. There are plenty of patterns working and lots going on, so you can take your pick. First and foremost, the herring spawn has started and offers some great early morning action. Look for shallow, flat rock or sandy areas to be holding the herring best. A variety of baits will work on these fish – spinnerbaits, wakebaits, swimbaits, flukes, jerkbaits, and the list goes on. Pick a moving bait and throw it. A spinnerbait is the best search instrument. If you have herring following your spinnerbait back on the retrieve, you are in the right place! The action on these fish only lasts about the first hour or so of the day. Get out early and enjoy! There are still plenty of spots on the bed, and a few left to go. You can catch these spawning fish with, among other things, a 4″ worm on a 1/8 oz Davis Shaky Head. Move the bait very slowly. Drag it, don’t hop it. Sandy pockets and the areas near them seem to be best for this bite right now. Lot’s of fun and plenty of fish if you have the patience. There are some post-spawners showing up as well. The topwater bite has been getting better on these fish. Rocky points as well as brush piles have been holding these fish. Topwater poppers and walkers of all sorts have been productive, along with the wakebait as well. This bite can go throughout the day with some wind. A big swimbait has been working well out over the brush when the wind is really up. A medium steady retrieve seems to be working best. We have been catching some big pre and post spawners on this for several weeks now. This and the topwater bite should only get stronger in the weeks ahead. Late May and June should offer an excellent topwater bite. This is not to be missed! You haven’t lived until you have seen a wolf pack of 4 pound spots chasing your topwater bait! Off the chain baby! If you have not yet, take the opportunity to make your qualifying GLoomis and Shimano purchases so you can qualify for the big owners tournament out of Little Hall on June 6th. This will be an awesome event with lots of great prizes, don’t miss it! See the fine folks at Hammond’s Fishing or the Dugout for details. Upcoming I have May 20, 21, and the 27th available for full day trips. I have May 28 and 30 available for half days as well. My June is filling up quickly with the anticipation of the coming topwater bite. Call me soon to get a date, this bite is incredible!! Thanks to everyone and May God Bless – Jimbo
Source: Old feed