There are several species of fish on Lake Lanier for sport and recreation fishing, including striped bass. While Jimbo seeks spotted bass, it certainly isn’t for everyone.

If you are looking to use live bait and troll or fish to take home to eat, spotted bass fishing isn’t for you. Striped bass and Crappie are two other sought-after fish on Lake Lanier and here are some guys who can ensure you get some!

Striped Bass

If you are looking for a striper guide, I recommend:

Capt. Clay Cummingham

Catching Not Fishing




If you are interested in Crappie fishing:

Jeff Blair



When you go out with one of these guys, be sure to let them know Jimbo sent you!

When to fish for different species of fish on Lake Lanier

Below is a table listing some of the popular types of fish that are caught on Lanier, and the best time to target them. Of course, this is a general recommendation. Mother Nature does what she wants and even the “green” months can be tough conditions. I had an August a few years back that was as good as any June I have fished. So take these as suggestions, not scripture.

fishing calendar lake lanier

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