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Check out what former Atlanta Braves Pitcher Mark Wohlers has to say about fishing with Jimbo…


Jim –

  Good morning from the Great White Canadian North!  I wanted to send you personal note this morning while looking out over 36” of ice on our lake and thank you for arranging my day on the water with Jeff last week.  It was an awesome day that I will carry with me for many years to come.  Though Jeff thought it was cold at 25 degrees he was still able to help me meet my goals of learning more about Lake Lanier and better understanding winter patterns of spotted bass.  Oh, and catch my personal best 4.25 pound beast!  From launch prep to loading his boat back on the trailer Jeff was true professional, an excellent coach and a superb fishing mentor.  He is a credit to your business model and I am grateful that we were able to get out.  I will gladly recommend him, and your service to anyone that may be looking for a Lake Lanier outing.  Thank you again and I look forward to many more trips to follow.
Best Regards,
Joe Lineberry

COO , Paris Marine

“First of all i would like to thank Jimbo for being a great man, and a great teacher. I first fished with Jimbo on Lanier in the early Spring of 2017 with a friend. We went out and just had a blast. We worked several different types of baits, and Jimbo worked with each of us individually to make sure we used each one correctly. He showed me everything from which rod to use with which line and for what bait, and then how to present the bait to catch fish that day. I have since been going out with Jimbo about once a month. He has become my “go to” guy on Lanier. I take friends, customers, and business colleagues out with him regularly. Beyond the fishing, I’m glad to call him my friend – and he’s a good Christian man. Thanks Jimbo, may the good fishing always be yours!”
Ralph Hilliard

“I have fished with Jimbo many times over the last several years, and I have enjoyed every trip immensely.  Jimbo is a great host, an excellent and patient teacher, as well as an all-around class act.  I fish in club tournaments, and I often fish with him in preparation for these tournaments.  My performance has steadily improved over the years, and I’m proud to say that I WON our last tournament on Lanier!  And by the video, you can see he has again put me on the fish for this year’s tournament as well – I’m hoping for back-to-back victories!  If you need help learning to fish Lanier or prepping for an upcoming tournament, Jimbo is YOUR guy!  I encourage you to give Jimbo a call and spend a day with him – he knows the lake, you’ll have a blast, and he will put you on the fish!”

Russell Prevatt

“I have fished with Jimbo for nearly five years.  Before I had a boat, my parents would get me a trip once a month with Jim just so I could learn the lake and become a better fisherman. Throughout the years of fishing with Jim, I have become a much better angler and person as a whole. Jim has had a great impact on my life through being a mentor and a friend. Our time on and off the water has impacted my walk to manhood. Besides the influence he has had on my life, he flat out knows how to put you on fish. He is the reason why I am hooked on fishing and I have caught an innumerable amount of trophy spotted bass in all times of the year. I have learned so much about the lake and how fish move throughout the year because of Jim. Jimbo is hands down the best guide on Lanier for learning techniques, learning the lake, and catching big fish. Jim, thank you so much for all you have done for me, and I truly recommend anyone who wants to catch some big fish to go out with Jimbo on Lanier.”
Will Moore

Senior - King's Ridge Academy

“If you want to learn Lake Lanier, Jimbo is your man. I hired him to help me prepare for the 2012 Walmart BFL on Lake Lanier, and I WON the Co-Angler Division, thanks to Jimbo. He is the best at helping you prepare for a tournament or just teaching you how to pattern and catch fish on Big Sid. Jimbo is an excellent communicator and teacher, and is truly a class act. If you want the best of the best to help you, call Jimbo today!”
Seth Kirkland

2012 Lake Lanier Walmart BFL Co-Angler Champion

“I have been fishing Lake Lanier for more than 40 years. Two years ago I took my first trip with Jimbo. Since that time, I have taken several more trips with him. In this time, I have learned more about Lake Lanier, and how the spotted bass behave in Lake Lanier, than I did in my first 40 years of fishing the lake. I have been able to apply what Jim has shown me during our trips to my own fishing.

I have found that the quickest and most efficient way to learn a new body of water is to hire a good guide for a few trips. I believe that this is very true with Lanier – especially with the larger spotted bass. In addition to learning more about Lake Lanier, I have learned new techniques and developed confidence with them.

Fishing with Jimbo is always a great experience. We have always caught fish and I learn new things on every trip. By the second trip, it was like going fishing with a good fishing buddy. I have fished with a number of very good guides over the years. Without question, Jimbo is the hardest working guide I have ever hired. He is a great teacher and knows Lake Lanier very well. He has always given me my money’s worth.

I would recommend (and have recommended) Jimbo to anyone who wants to learn more about Lake Lanier, and/or techniques for larger spotted bass.”

Jerry Porter

“Hey Jim! Some mighty big toads you been showing off. I just wanted to take a moment to share with you that your help and instruction with me has produced some fabulous results. I have had absolutely the best 3 months of fishing in all my time up on Hartwell. I mean it has simply been outragous. I have caught way more fish and much, much better fish than ever before. Some of my success has been due to the shakey head and drop shot techniques you taught me. Much of it has also come by fishing smarter, better locations and not working extended areas, but fishing quality spots and moving on quicker. I have gone blank in a number of locations and then pull up on one and whack ’em so hard I just get giddy. For me, its just been amazing. I will be checking in with you in mid to late Feburary as I would like to develop a better arsenal for the pre spawn and spawning periods. Hopefully by then I will have acquired a Lowrance sonar unit and we can review its operational functions to help me maximize the investment. Sincerely, thanks so much for helping me dramatically improve this past season’s time on my home waters”
Paul Spencer

“My wife and I booked a two-day trip with Jimbo this spring – we live in Pennsylvania, so we were looking for some fun in the Georgia sun. Jimbo was a tremendous host and made us feel like we had known each other for years. I am an experienced angler and have fished many pro tournaments – Jimbo is truly the pro’s professional – courteous and always a gentleman. And of course he put us on some great fish too! I would highly recommend Jimbo on Lanier to anyone.”
Chet Williams

“My son Michael and I went out on a trip with Jimbo recently. We had an awesome day on the lake and managed to sack a 17 pound bag of Spotted Bass! Jimbo worked with us to demonstrate the use of the crankbait and got us fishing it correctly right away. Michael caught this 4 pound, 5 ounce spot on his third cast! Jimbo was a great host and we look forward to returning on a trip with him this spring. If you want a great day and detailed instruction, go with Jimbo on Lanier!”
David Nelems

“My son Sam and I spent the day with Jimbo on Lanier – what an awesome day we had. Jimbo is a superb teacher and quite an entertainer as well. Jimbo showed us some great spots and provided some valuable insights on catching Lanier Spotted Bass. We caught several on topwater during our trip, which was particularly thrilling. For an experience you won’t soon forget, trust Jimbo on Lanier.”
Bret Bowlin

“I went out on the Lake with Jimbo on 2 trips so far this year. I had a great time and learned alot too. He put me on fish and taught me how to catch them! He was patient with me, and catered to me to ensure I had an enjoyable experience. Jimbo really knows how to entertain!! I would not hesitate to recommend Jimbo to anyone.”
Ross Kapstein

“A trip with Jimbo will not soon be forgotten! I have been out with Jim many times and we always have a great time together; he is an awesome host and a great representative for LanierMAPPED.com. Come join Jimbo for a day on the water at the famed Lake Lanier!”

Lanier Mapped.com

“I have been out with Jimbo three times in the past year. Jimbo has always worked hard to put me on fish and does a great job of communicating the specifics required to properly execute the techniques he teaches. I am a big fan of Jimbo’s, and I make sure to follow him on FaceBook and Twitter – he always posts the latest lures and techniques he is using to catch fish on Lanier – and cool pictures to boot! I would happily recommend Jimbo to anyone.”
Phil Stewart

“Jimbo helped Cody Meyer finish second in the 2010 FLW Cup at Lake Lanier, Georgia – he won $100,000! Jimbo Guided Cody during the pre-practice period for the FLW Cup on Lanier. Cody took the information and performed well. Cody is a super guy and a great angler”

Cody Meyer and Jimbo

- Congratulations Cody!

“I live near the lake and wanted to learn the finer points of fishing for Lake Lanier’s Spotted Bass. I hired Jimbo and was very impressed with the entire experience. Jimbo is quite personable and fun to be with on the water. He provided some great tips and demonstrated techniques with which I was not previously familiar. We caught some big spots and I can’t wait until our next trip. This guy knows Lake Lanier – hire Jimbo today!”

Jeff Nail

– US Army