This Week’s Fishing Report


This Week’s Fishing Report includes the best patterns, lure types, sizes, and colors. In addition, I cover specific presentation insights and the “How To” direction that is sure to make the difference! Also included will be information on types of locations that have been targeted for each pattern discussed, coupled with MAP-DENOTED LOCATIONS, that have been producing fish THAT WEEK! I also offer a future-cast to help you prepare for the following days. I have been studying the habits and the habitat of spotted bass in Lake Lanier for more than 13 years. I understand and share what the fish will most likely be doing in the near future.

Many free weekly reports offer general information, or worse, the information from the week before. I am out on the water daily and report what is working now. The fact that I am not using these locations to tournament fish allows me to share the exact locations that are producing fish without worrying that someone will “be on my spot” this weekend.

You can also subscribe monthly or annually to these Weekly Fishing Reports for Lake Lanier.  In the subscription format, I also provide daily updates throughout the week as patterns change.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Thank you for trusting Jimbo’s to help you catch more spotted bass on Lake Lanier! I would love to spend some time on the water with you as well. Give me a call to book a trip. 770-542-7764


This Week’s Video Fishing Report


November 30, 2023
We mainly focused on the shallow rock bite this week, and our show will focus on the details of that pattern.

Thank you for being here and I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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