Hey Gang – It has been a busy few weeks for me. I just wrapped up my second 5-boat corporate trip of the week today, and we had a blast! I have been blessed to work with some really great people and today was no exception! I’m not sure if its a good thing, but I was on the water every day in March. Every day. I had a couple of days off….and fished anyway. LOL. I just can’t seem to get enough. Its just too much fun. A huge thanks to everyone for keeping me so busy. I love it and please keep it coming! The fishing has improved a bunch in the last few days. The warm sunny days we had before today really made for a great bite out there. Above Browns Bridge has been more consistent, but the south end has had its days and is improving steadily. We have been focusing on pockets of late. There are large schools of blue backs hanging in the backs of several pockets, and some big fish are there chasing them. The bait and the fish have both been very shallow. often in 5 feet of water or less. Docks in those same areas have been productive as well, much more so when the sun is high. The fresh pine blow downs from the ice storm in these pockets are also holding fish on many days. We have caught a few fish on the points, but they just don’t seem to be holding the quantity or quality of the fish the pockets have yielded consistently in recent days. As far as bait choices, in the mornings, a McStick, a War Eagle spinnerbait, and fluke have been best. As the day progresses, pretty much the same baits have been effective, particualarly on the fish chasing bait in the backs of the pockets. The fluke bite around the docks, when the sun is up, is really starting to improve as well. The Davis Shaky Head HBT Series with a trick worm or senko has been a good bet around the docks and the blow downs as well. Of course, the weightless senko is always a good bet around the docks throughout the spring. There were several fish starting to bed before the cold front hit, and I look for a good wave to go on bed with the upcoming full moon, particularly the largemouth. I look for the south end to get consistently good over the next few days, and look for some more big sacks, like the one Scotty and I are sporting above, to show up. Don’t forget about the upcoming G-Loomis/Shimano Owners tournament coming to Little Hall on June 6th. $300 in qualifying purchases and you’re in! See the folks at Hammond’s or the Dugout for details. For April, I only have the 22, 23, and the afternoon of the 29th open. Other than a day off on Easter, I am booked solid. My May is starting to fill up quickly as well, so please let me know as soon as you have a date in mind. Thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo
Source: Old feed