Here are the dates I have remaining open in April:  17, 19(PM), 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.
Water Temp – 60
Water Level – 8.86 feet below full pool
WOW!  We have certainly had some changes since my most recent report.  The lake has came up more than a foot with all the rain, and is still on the rise.  The creeks are stained to muddy and the main lake and pockets are stained as well.  The water temps dropped some with the rain and cooler weather and sit at around 60 degrees currently.  I don’t think the rains will change the pattern too much as we found them post-front today in the same areas as pre-front.  Some of the largemouth are definitely spawning but will be hard to find with the muddy water in the backs of the creeks and pockets.  Some of the spots have started the process as well, but we are still mainly dealing with pre-spawn spotted bass.  We have continued to have some great days for both numbers and size.  We have been focusing on main and secondary clay/rock points and sandy pockets in 15 feet of water or less for the majority of this past week.  A finesse worm on a Picasso Shakedown Head has been money this week for the majority of our catches.  We are working the Shakedown Head on 8 lbs test Seaguar Abrazx fluorocarbon.  I believe the lighter line leads to more bites on this bait as it helps allow the baits to present more naturally.  Look also for the shallower brush on points and in pockets through the day as well, as we have been finding some fish staging around this brush – again in the 15-18 foot range. A new swimbait called the Sweet Herring from the Sweet Bait Company has worked well on some days in these areas also.  The Sweet Herring swimbait has also been good on the windblown rocky points and banks. A Spro MD in Red Craw worked well post-rain in the stained water this morning back in the pockets and on secondary points.   As the sun gets up, check the shallow docks in ditches and pockets for activity.  Work a jerkbait and a soft plastic swimbait beside these shallow docks, as well as a jig and worm.  These fish back in the creeks are also staging in preparation for the spawn.  You will find spots and largemouth in these places. This pattern definitely works better when the sun is out as opposed to cloudy conditions.  The clouds make the fish scatter and often bottom locked as well.  While they still remain close to the dock, they are often not directly under the docks. With the stain in the water, I look for the spinnerbait and crankbait fishing to pick up back in these areas. Perhaps even a buzzbait on the warmer mornings.  This is a great time to learn the pre-spawn bite on Lanier.  They are up and moving!  Here are the dates I have open through the end of April:  17, 19(PM), 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.  Give me a call and let’s get out and have some fun!  Thanks to all and May God Bless.
Please also remember that I have my Jimbo Beyond the Boat Workshop coming up on April 20th.  I look forward to sharing with our youth the values and principles of responsibility, communication, leadership, and many other valuable tools they will need to succeed in fishing and life!  Come join us!  Contact me directly to register.