Hey Gang – Glad I am not out there today, but we have had a very good week for numbers and big fish as well, even last Sunday during that nasty day that looks just like this one! The ditch bite has really picked up for us over the last week. The classic Fish Head Spin in the ditches is really working well right now. I enjoy this bite and it is a must have in your winter arsenal. We have been starting every morning in the ditches and catching lots of fish and good ones too. In addition to the spots, we have been running into the occasional Largemouth as well. Most of these ditch fish are coming in the 8 – 20 feet depth range. In additon, we are continuing to spend a good amount of time on rocky points, ledges, and bluffs. The rock has also been very consistent for us over the last week and we have been catching some big fish on this pattern, again, both spots and largemouth. The Spro DD Little John has been really good, along with Davis Shaky Heads and Chattahoochee jigs. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking out Zane Smith along with my long-time customer Hector. Zane pitched in the bigs for 13 years in the 80’s and 90’s, including 6 seasons with the Braves. Just a great guy and a great day – they whacked about 25 fish through the day with their best 5 going 18 pounds. We had a blast and laughed all day. Zane has promised a return trip so I know there are more stories to come on this front. Awesome job fellas! Guys, the weather forecast for the next few days looks awesome! I have the following available this coming week: All day Tuesday & Friday,as well as Thursday morning. Give me a call if you would like to get out and enjoy some beautiful December weather and some great winter fishing! Also, remind your sweethearts to give the gift of Jimbo this Christmas! I sell several gift certificates every Holiday Season and I am told they make great presents! LOL. Give your wives a nudge here and I will make sure you guys enjoy some great trips! Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo