Hello Everyone –

Fishing has remained good at the end of November and into the first part of December. The water stained up during this period due to the recent rains, particularly in certain creeks. The lower main lake has remained clear, and the water temperature has fallen from nearly 60 down to right around the 50 mark. The water level has hung around 1068, which is 3 feet below full pool. During this time, I have been targeting fish from 5 feet to 25 feet of water.

For the deeper fish, I have been using the shaky head/green worm combo as well as a drop-shot. My bait of choice for the drop-shot has been a sunrise pearl sissy worm from Wackem – this is really a great bait, especially when the sun is out. When it is cloudy, I have been using a variety of green-pumpkin combos to get bit. I have been catching some on a spoon as well, but I have not focused on the spoon due to the availability of good fish in shallower water.

For my shallower fish, I have also been using a green shaky head/worm combo for most of my bites. I have been targeting shallow creek channels for these fish. I have also caught a few on flukes and jerk-baits as well in these areas – it just depends on the mood of the fish. Remember, the cloudy days will cause them to become spread out, and search baits should work best – throw Fish-Head Spins or small crank-baits to catch fish in the backs of pockets.

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I am still booking for December – I will be around during the holidays and would love to get out on the lake with you – call me TODAY at 770-542-7764 to book your trip!!

Until next time everybody – tight lines!!