Hello Everyone –

Remember gang, continue to use the JIMBO code at LanierMAPPED.com for a 20% Discount on all of our products!! What a great time to purchase main lake clips as well as clips at the mouths of the creeks. The fish are in the off-shore brush now, and the LanierMAPPED.com information is more important than ever. For packages, I still highly recommmend Main Lake North and Main Lake South – focus on the humps with brush and brush piles on points/drops near deep water. LanierMAPPED.com is more important than ever right now – we have those key areas marked with video and that information will put you on the fish. And, better yet, our Pro’s Package is available on an IPAD – all the information comes pre-loaded – WOW!!

This week’s Lake Lanier Fishing Report is once again brought to you by LanierMAPPED.com – Check out the new “How To” Video on our home page!! Local Professional Angler Eric Aldrich does an excellent job of explaining how to use the LanierMAPPED.com technology to truly improve your fishing. And, as I noted above, now is really the time you need the LanierMAPPED.com information – the fish are pulled out away from the bank on key features off-shore – and we have those features on our videos!!

I had two guide trips this week. I had pleasure of guiding an FLW Pro this week that was in town to prepare for the cup. I gave him a great perspective of the lake and showed him some key areas where they are biting now, as well as where they should be biting in August. We caught our fish on a drop shot – our biggest was over 3 pounds, but he broke one off after a long fight that was most certainly in the 5 pound range. This angler (I will keep his name of the blog out of respect for him) was from the Western division, and he was AMAZING with a drop shot. He is a fantastic guy and an incredible angler – I wish him well in the Cup! I also had the pleasure of taking out a father/son team for a trip later in the week. We had a great time, and found some topwater fish for them, even in the heat. We got fish to come up on a Sammy and a Fluke. We caught our bigger fish on a drop shot, including a spot over 3, and a 5 pound largemouth. Check out my website for pics! jimboonlanier.com For the drop shot fish, worms were the ticket – stay versatile with the colors – the fish will tell you what they want!

Jimbo’s Lake Lanier Guide Service is going strong – come join us for some fun on the water! Jimbo’s Guide Service is powered by LanierMAPPED.com (of course!) – check out my website for all the details and some great pictures jimboonlanier.com

Richie Rich, Toby Hicks (ABA), and I ran a booth this weekend at the Guntersville FLW Outdoor show – it was a great opportunity to speak with the pro’s and witness an awesome event. We are looking forward to the Cup in August – make sure to look for us at the Gwinnett Center show!!

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Until next time everybody – tight lines!!