Hi Everyone!

I was off the water most of this week as I took a much needed vacation with the family to Myrtle Beach, SC. The kids loved it and we had a great time together.

I did have a trip on Friday of this week and had the honor of taking out one of my best clients, Johnny P. Johnny goes with me once a month or so and we always have fun and I really enjoy his company – he has great stories!

The weather was very odd for July on Lake Lanier – cool, drizzling, and very windy. None of that makes sense here in GA for July!! Johnny and I found good topwater action for most of the day. We worked chug bugs around the breaks of long running rocky points near the mouths of creeks for most of our bites. We also ducked back into a few of the larger creeks for some fish as well. The normal structure/brush had fish around it too, but they didn’t seem as active as the rock fish. I had some action on the drop-shot too, but the topwater action was better, so we abandoned thoroughly fishing the spots and just went running and gunning. One of Johnny’s best fish is pictured here, and I should have one too, but I “rookied” a toad first thing in the AM on the chug bug – I must have been rusty from all the salt water this week!

I have a couple of days open next week if you would like to get out – just give me a ring or drop me a line.

Thanks, and may God Bless!