Hello Everyone –

Remember gang, continue to use the JIMBO code at LanierMAPPED.com for a 20% Discount on all of our products!! What a great time to purchase main lake clips as well as clips at the mouths of the creeks. The fish are in the off-shore brush now, and the LanierMAPPED.com information is more important than ever. For packages, I strongly recommend one of our Semi-Pro pacakages – this is a great value – you get approximately 250 videos and waypoints with each Semi-Pro package, and you can pick the section of the lake you want – Uppper, Mid-lake, or Lower end. Focus on the humps with brush and brush piles on points/drops near deep water. LanierMAPPED.com is more important than ever right now – we have those key areas marked with video and that information will put you on the fish. And, better yet, our Pro’s Package is available on an IPAD – all the information comes pre-loaded – WOW!!

Fishing Report: Things have been changing on the water the past few days. The mid-day topwater bite has came back strong – which is great to see! Also, fish are feeding shallower than in the past few weeks. I am consistently catching fish in the 15-25 foot depths when the sun is out and the wind is blowing, both on topwater and a drop-shot. Previously, my better fish were coming from the 25-30 foot range. Watch your electronics – when the bait and fish start hanging out in that 10-20 foot depth range, it should be “game on” for the topwater bite! My best top water action has came on a chrome super-spook. The chrome really seems to be key for topwater fish – and I have found that fish we have caught on top are the better fish by far. A good strategy right now to accumulate weight during sunny days is to run and gun the brush with top water – the good fish are there, and they will eat. Both the “old” and “new” brush are producing for me. Not every hole produces, but it doesn’t take long to figure out if they are active when you stop – your first 2 or 3 casts to the right spot will tell the story. Also, the Pink Roboworm has been falling off a bit – a sampling of some of the more traditional Lanier colors may be the best strategy for the drop-shot. Call me to book a trip and catch some hot top water action! I still have dates open, so call me at 770-542-7764 to book a trip. Visit my website at Jimboonlanier.com More to come next week with another full report!

Rich and I are gearing up for the FLW Cup on Lanier. LanierMAPPED.com will have a booth at the Gwinnett Center for the FLW Outdoor Show. Show Dates and Hours are as follows: Friday, August 6th: Noon – 5 PM; Saturday, August 7th: 10 AM – 4 PM; and Sunday, August 8th: 10 AM – 4 PM. Come out and join us for a great weekend – there will be alot to see at the shows to include a bass boat simulator ride, fishing instruction, and time with the pros!

Jimbo’s Lake Lanier Guide Service is going strong – come join us for some fun on the water! Jimbo’s Guide Service is powered by LanierMAPPED.com (of course!) – check out my website for all the details and some great pictures jimboonlanier.com

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Until next time everybody – tight lines!!