Hey Gang –

I was out today on a full day trip with Butch, and yesterday with Brian. The weather today was incredible – just awesome to have some cooler temps.

The fishing today and yesterday was awesome. I am pleased to report that I have figured out a good big-fish pattern for August – I have been putting it together for a bit, and thought I had lost a big spot in an area down lake the other day, but couldn’t confirm it because it I busted off – could have been a striper, but I didn’t think so. Based on the last 2 days, I am pretty confident in the pattern.

Running this pattern the last 2 days my clients and I have caught several solid fish and some good ones. I had one today close to 5 (4-14 on the digitals) and lost a 4 at the boat in the same area. In addition, fish like the one Butch has above are available, as well as an occasional 24 pound striper! (23-6 on the digitals – nice catch Brian!).

I am fishing in 25-30 feet of water, but doing something a bit different. We have been throwing the drop shot, a jig, and a FHS. I have been doing only artificial trips of late – no spot-tail cheating!

My August special is still running – 3.5 hour trips in the AM and PM to “Beat the Heat” at a reduced rate. Of course the standard half and full day trips are available as well. I have Thurs and Sat open this week if anyone is interested in getting out.

Thanks to all, and may God Bless!