Hello Again Everyone –

I have had trips almost every day over the past 20 days or so, save Easter and Good Friday. I have had the pleasure of taking out some really fun people during that time, and the fish have been cooperating as well. Thank you to everyone for your support of my guide business. I truly love what I do and I feel very Blessed and honored to have your business – THANK YOU!!

Now, onto fishing. We have been averaging about 25 fish a day on each trip, and two days we landed over 40 – no joke. The first day was last week – we were up north, and the fish size was modest at best – our biggest was about 3.5 lbs, and about 25 of the 42 were keepers. Tuesday of this week was also a 40+ day as we boated 44 spots. The size recently has been much better down south as most of the 40 were keepers, and our best 5 were just shy of 19 lbs.

As far as baits, you name it, and we have caught fish on it. A brief summary would include: swimbaits, flukes, Fish Head Spins, Lil Dudes, worms, jigs, spinnerbaits, topwaters, carolina rigs, jerkbaits, and I am sure I am forgetting something. Mix it up and see what is working – the fish change their preferences every day!

The water on the north end is now above 70 at daylight. The south end is about 67 or so depending on where you put in. Numbers have been better up North until recently, but the South end is catching up quickly. It seems the North end is about 10 days to 2 weeks ahead of the South end.

As far as location, we have been hitting steeper banks coming out of creeks, islands, rock points, and main lake pockets for our fish. The depth the fish are holding changes everyday, but the range has been from 3 – 15 feet.

Make sure to check out my fishing reports on the Bass Fishing Home Page (WMI.org). I post there at least twice weekly, so check it out! Also, I have a new video out – if you have not seen it, click here to view. Enjoy!

I am filling up for May, but I have some dates open the next few weeks-call me TODAY at 770-542-7764 to book your trip!!

Until next time everybody – tight lines and God Bless –