Hey Gang – I hope everyone is well and planning to come to the FLW Expo at the Gwinnett Center this weekend. It is going to be a fantastic show with many great vendors, guest speakers, and of course, the weigh-in show daily at 5 PM in the arena. The Expo goes from 10 AM to 5 PM daily Fri-Sun. Make sure to come by my booth located in the Hammond’s Block of booths and say hello. I have several great promotions and giveaways in store for everyone, in addition to a few cool surprises! We are making the booth very fun this year, and as part of the many promotions we have going, I am giving away a free tackle pack, a $75 value, to each person that books a trip with me at the show. This tackle pack will include items from many of my great sponsors, to include: Wackem Crazy Baits, Sworming Hornet Lures, Daniel Truitt’s Custom Painted Baits, Davis Shaky Heads, and JJ’s Magic. This is a great tackle pack and comes in a very nice Jimbo’s Insulated Tote, perfect for carrying your lunch to the lake. More to come tomorrow on the our promotions including some special stuff for the kids – stay tuned!! Over a 5 day period, I guided 3 of the competitors preparing for the National Guard Jr. World Championship being held in Little River and Wahoo Creek. I was able to work with each of them to come up with a pattern that allowed them to fish their strengths. I really enjoyed these days of working with these aspiring young anglers. I am honored that they chose me to assist them prepare for the biggest tournament of their life. I took the job seriously and spent alot of time in preparation for these trips. While the fishing in Wahoo and Little River was tough, we managed some good fish each day. We almost always had at least one LM over 3 each day, and on our best day last week, we had 20 fish and about an 11 pound sack, which is gold up there right now during the day. Out of respect for these young anglers, no pics of the competitors and their daily catches or any info on our techniques, but it is safe to say each one has their own pattern and a solid game-plan for their time in the boat. One of the contestant’s uncles is pictured above (2nd from right) with a nice spot from up there last week. Also, a big thanks to Phil Johnson for running some trips up there for me as well. I had many calls, but elected to only help 3 total to prevent overlap of information and locations. I deferred to Phil on the remainder of the trips. Down-lake has been up and down over the last week. I have been out 4 of the past 5 days, and we have had some good days and mediocre days. Saturday was one of the good days, and James is pictured above with a couple from his bag that day. I had a mother/son trip today with Sharon and her son Landon who came from WVA to watch the Cup and attend the expo. With the Pro Tournament starting tomorrow, I am going to refrain from specifics for the time being. Given the rule changes this year, the FLW Pro’s were not allowed to hire guides during the pre-practice period for the Cup. As a favor to one of my sponsors, I did spend a bunch of time on the phone with 2 of the anglers competing this year. I provided insight and direction on approaches, techniques, along with specific hole information. I hope the information proves helpful for them both. Good luck to all the competitors in the Cup – I wish everyone a successful and SAFE tournament. I hope to see you all at the Expo, and stay tuned for more information on the Jimbo booth coming tomorrow! May God Bless – Jimbo