Hey Gang – I have been out a few days over the past couple of weeks. Obviously, the weather, until recently, has not been overly cooperative…LOL. The fishing has been kinda tough to be honest. We have had some days that the bite is decent and you can put together a nice limit. I was out with young William, pictured above right, a little over a week ago. I worked with him first on throwing a baitcaster, and then on fishing a jig with a baitcaster. He did great and popped three good fish on the jig that rounded out a nice limit for our boat that day. I also had a 4 pound largemouth out of 40 feet of water that day…go figure. The jig has been our best offering of late. Timber lines in ditches from 30-50 ft, steep rock, and deeper docks have been the key for us. The fish on the steep rock still come very shallow at times, often 15 feet or less. Moving around alot right now is important. If you are going to get bit in an area, it will happen in the first few casts. If you don’t get bit, move on. The warming trend we are in now should move some fish up shallower back in the creeks, and should also strengthen the rock bite as the sun really helps that bite. I will be heading to the BassMasters Classic Expo tomorrow in Birmingham and will be there through the weekend. I am fortunate enough to be representing Shimano and G Loomis during the show. If you are heading over, please make sure to stop by and say hello. Lastly, I want to put in a plug for Jeff Blair. Brandt, one of my good customers and friends, invited me to go crappie fishing on a charter he had booked with Jeff. What a blast! Thanks to Jeff’s clicker he uses to keep count, we caught over 180 crappie that day! We are pictured above with our limit, which is 120 for the four of us. I dare you to count them. LOL. Jeff did, and we were right on the money. All the crappie were released alive and well after a day in Jeff’s oxygenated live well. If you are looking to catch some Crappie, make sure to look up Jeff – lots of fun! I am at the Classic through Sunday, but I am open most weekdays next week, but booked next weekend. I know the bass will start moving with all this warm weather and will be getting where they need to be…let’s go catch ’em. This is a great time of year to catch a monster spot. Thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo