Hey Gang – I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer. I also hope everyone’s 4th of July was awesome as well. Such a great holiday, and we really do have so much to celebrate as a country. Even though I worked most of the holiday, we still had a great time and helped celebrate our country’s independence through attending some of the local events – I just love fireworks! The fishing has been very good the last 10 days or so. The fish are now in a transitional stage as some of the bigger fish are moving out deeper as they traditionally do this time of year. We have been catching our fish from 20 feet all the way out to 40 feet on offshore structure, typically near brush. When the wind is up in mornings, we have found a very good swimbait bite. Rick’s Bite Sized Herring has been king. Topwater has actually still been good on most days, but is not quite as dependable as it was. We are still able to bring fish up from the brush, and we have also seen alot of schooling activity. As most of you know, when you get a bait in the action, you will get bit! Just leave it in there long enough and don’t jerk it away from them and you will connect! A fast retrieved Sebile has been a nice compliment as well on some days. We have caught a few on a jig this week, and have brought the drop shot into play as well. One day this past week we found a very good deep bite on the DS for some very nice fish. 35 feet or so was the key that day. Look for the deep DS bite to strengthen, depending on the temps. However, it looks like we are in store for a big cool down next week, which could revive the weakening topwater bite, which would certainly be fine with me! The first block of pictures are from the artificial trips the last few days. The bigger block of pictures is from all of our recent spot tail trips. I have been running several spot tail trips with some youngsters and that has been a blast! Watching and helping kids to catch fish is awesome. 20-30 fish in a half day experience has been the norm. This is a great time for young and old alike! This coming week, I have Monday and Tuesday open. With the weather change on it’s way, as well as being on the tail end of the full moon phase, I look for some great fishing on the artificial side. Swimbaits and topwater come to mind…LOL. After this week, here are the days I have remaining open in July: 21, 23(AM), 24(PM), 28, 29, 30, 31. Topwater, Swimbaits, Deep Drop Shot, Spot tails….all sorts of options. Give me a ring, and lets fish! Rick also has some days up on Hartwell – let me know if you would like to get out with Rick as well. Thanks to all, and may God Bless! Jimbo