Hey Gang – Happy Memorial Day to everyone! I hope y’all have enjoyed time with family and friends, and more importantly, taken special time to remember our fallen heros who have, over many years, paid the ultimate price for the continuing freedoms we enjoy today. God Bless our Service Men and Women, both past and present. Now, onto fishing. In a word, the fishing on Lake Lanier has been AWESOME the past couple of weeks! While there are several patterns working, the only one that matters to me is topwater! LOL. It’s just hard to beat watching a big spot, or any fish for that matter, crush a topwater plug. Fishing at its finest. Check out the top set of pictures – those are just a few of monsters Tom D and I hammered this past Friday – all on topwater. Too much fun! It was Tom’s best day on Lanier and maybe his best day of fishing ever. He said I made him feel like a HERO! LOL. I was honored to be able to provide that experience for him. Tom has been coming out with me all year, and I think this was his 6th trip so far. He has learned a bunch and been able to apply it to fishing on his own to really improve his catch rate. We has booked another trip for next week to enjoy some more topwater fun. Great day and super job Tom!!! We have been fishing flat rock, humps, and points with brush for most of our topwater action. The depth has varied from very shallow all the way out to 25 feet or so. Again, it just depends on the day and time of day as to where you will find the best action. Several different baits have been working, it just depends on the day as to what bait they prefer. A list of some of the top producers: Spook, Gunfish, Chug Bug, Redfin and a G-Splash just to name a few. For the periods when the fish are not active, a drop shot and a Davis Shaky Head/finesse worm combo have been great options. We are fishing the same type areas as noted above and just going down to them when they won’t come up. A swimbait has been working on some days also, as well as a spinnerbait, especially on the windy days. The bottom line is that several fish have gotten past their post spawn funk, and they are strapping on the feed bag! It is a great time to be fishing on Lake Lanier! My June open dates have shuffled around a bit, so here is the latest list of what I have open in June: 9, 10, 11, 18, 22, 29, 30. Don’t miss this great season of topwater on Lake Lanier. It is an experience like no other. Give me a ring and let’s go bust ’em!! Thanks to all, Happy Memorial Day, and May God Bless – Jimbo
Source: Old feed