Hey Gang – Well for the first year in a great many we did not make the trek up to Indy for the 500. Things just didn’t work out this year. I will miss it tomorrow for sure. The good news is that I have had plenty of time to fish! I ran 8 trips this week over 6 days on the water, including #8 this morning. It was starting to get nuts out there when we took out at 11 AM. Be careful if you get out on the water this weekend – I recommend out early and in early. LOL. My clients and I enjoyed an excellent week of fishing on Lanier. I am way backed up on posting pictures here as well as on Facebook – I am working to catch up. The above are just a few of the many – more to come soon. The spawn is definitely wrapping up as we have been catching several post-spawn females. We have been doing well on a number of different patterns this week. I am on a very strong bite at daylight and we have stroked them at first light every day. Wake baits, topwater, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, fish head spin – if it moves they eat it. We have often started the day with a 15 pound sack in the first 10 minutes and then built on it through the day with some studs mixed in. Rocky humps and points have been the key for this bite and the fish have been SUPER shallow – often in a foot or less as they focus on the remnants of the herring spawn. After the early morning bite dies, we have found a decent schooling bite through the day. A fish head spin along with a gunfish have been our best offerings for these fish. It seems the fish head works best for the schoolers as you can really launch it a long way into the action. A Davis Shaky head and worm combo has been good when the wind dies. We have been using the Screw Lock HBT Series in the 3/16 oz size along with a variety of green worms. The SL HBT Series has become my favorite Davis Shaky Head of the many they offer. Our best approach for the big fish through the day has been throwing the Sworming Hornet Bite Sized Herring Swimbait on points and humps. The key for this bite has been a slow retrieve. Get the right speed and they crush it. Brush is not necessary but can help – look in 15 feet or less for this bite. Still not a ton of bites on this, but the ones you get are hammers. Over the next couple of weeks, I have the following dates open – Thursday and Friday May 29 and 30, and then Wednesday and Thursday June 4th and 5th the following week. The topwater bite will be getting better and better and the swimbait bite will get stronger as well as the post-spawn fish move into replenish mode. Looking further into June, the spot tail minnow bite should be coming on soon as the fish lock into the brush. This is great fun for kids and adults alike. Bites are guaranteed! Finally, as we celebrate this Memorial Day with friends and family, I ask that we all take a minute to remember our fallen heros, who through their ultimate sacrifice have made the freedoms we enjoy in this country possible. And also a big thanks to all of the service men and women, both past and present, who work or have worked hard to defend this great country of ours every day. Salute! May God Bless – Jimbo