Hey Gang – Been out all week on trips with another one tomorrow morning to round out 7 awesome adventures this week. This fishing report will be very simple. The fish are chewing top water and swimbaits. They may be eating other stuff too, but I don’t care. LOL. Find a brush pile and start chunking! The above pics from this week are just a sampling of some the beautiful spots we have been hammering – all on the fun stuff! I now only have 2 days open next week – Monday and Friday. Thanks to everyone for the calls. Then after that, I have June 24 (afternoon), 26, 28, and 30. If you like the topwater bite, now is the time! Call me and let’s go fish! I will also be running spot tail trips in July. A great time to get the kids out (and adults) and turn fishing into catching! Good luck to everyone out there and stay safe this weekend. May God Bless – Jimbo