Hey Gang – We have had a great week on Lanier and the fishing has been good. I have lots to share, so let’s get started…. I want to begin by congratulating Matt Jones and Eli Huggins on an outstanding performance in Saturday’s FLW High School State Championship. The boys, who were representing the West Forsyth High Wolverines, finished 3rd out of 52 boats with a weight of 15 lbs, 11 oz. A fluke and wakebait were the main weapons that contributed to their creel. I had an opportunity to work with the boys in advance of the tournament as well as be their boat captain for the event. Matt and Eli both are awesome young anglers with a great future ahead in the sport. Because they finished in the Top 5 of the field, Matt and Eli qualified for the FLW Regional HS Championships which will take place in September on the NickaJack in Tennessee. Congratulations again boys and good luck on the ‘Jack! Great job!! On Monday of this week I took a day off and enjoyed a very informational electrofishing trip with Lake Lanier biologists Patrick O’Rouke and Christopher Looney. This is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time and was grateful to have been presented the opportunity. We shocked 4 different “stations” around the lake. We collected a number of species of fish to include both Largemouth and Spots. We measured and weiged all the fish, collected fin/scale samples, and returned most of the fish to the water. They did keep a few of the fish, which is normal, for further disection and research which will aid with identifing growth trends along with other critical insights. I garnered SO MUCH information from this process that it would be difficult to share everything in this forum. Let me sum it up by saying that we are all blessed to have a very healthy fishery! I look forward to sharing all the nitty gritty details with my clients during trips in the weeks ahead. I was able to address some of the “myths” that circulate around the lake and get the true scoop. Another thanks to Patrick and Chris – they are both very knowledgable and professional – we are lucky to have them as a resource for our lake! The fishing has been very good this past week. In the mornings, we have been focusing on the herring spawn, working a fish head spin, a spinnerbait, and topwater baits around shallow rocky and sandy areas. A swimbait has also been working well on these fish, particularly when they are as fired up as they were this morning. There was a nice breeze at daylight and man the fish were chewing. We saw lots of schooling, which we are starting to see more and more of around the lake. Topwater is also working throughout the day, as is a fluke, and of course, the Davis Shaky Head and worm combo. Reef poles are a good bet right now as is still the weed/grass lines in the pockets and creeks around the lake. There are still fish on the main lake brush as well, and some areas are loaded with pre-spawner and some post spawners also. It seems the larger wave of the spotted bass are ready to commit to the beds and are in the process. Look for a big push with next week’s full moon. I forsee for some awesome fishing through the week next week if history repeats itself in terms of timing with the full moon phase. I am booked through the weekend, but have Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thur open next week. Give me a call and let’s get out there. Should be an incredible week of fishing! Thanks to everyone, and May God Bless! Jimbo