Hey Gang – I hope everyone enjoyed a very happy Easter! I was out on the water with trips mid-week through the holiday weekend with some good results. The spots are becoming more available as the weather and water temperatures continue to warm – FINALLY! This has been the most unusual spring I can remember here in Georgia in terms of weather. It seems that we are now on the right path! There are numerous bites to be had in the 10-15 feet range in creek arms around docks and the “grass” that has grown up and been flooded with the recent resurgence of the water level. A jerkbait and fish head spin seem to work well in the early mornings in these areas, especially if the wind is up a little. For the bigger fish, we have been focusing on the staging females that can be found both on secondary points and main lake points/humps. 30 feet seems to be the key depth for these fish, and rocky areas seem to be the best. A 1/4 oz shaky head with a worm or crawfish immitation of some kind seem to be the key bait for these fish. As the water warms, these big females will continue their migration shallower. Look for them to show up in obvious stopping points along the way shallower, such as brush and docks. Also, as they move shallower they should become more aggressive and more susceptible to moving baits. Its about to get really good out there folks! For this week, I have all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning available for anyone that would like to get out. I am full the remainder of the week and weekend. I also have some weekdays open the week of April 8th. Give me a call and lets get out. It is time to FISH!! Also, for anyone interested, I have 2 St. Croix Legend Tournament Series Drop Shot Rods for Sale – $150 each. Great rods and in great shape. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks to all and May God Bless – Jimbo