Hey Everyone – It is has been awhile since my last report. I have been on the lake several days, but have also taken some time off to be with the family. Many busy days lie ahead with spring fast approaching, so I have enjoyed recharging my batteries over the past few weeks. For January, I have been on trips about half of the days this month, including a one-day jaunt up to Carters with my good customer Uncle Steve, who you may remember comes from Richmond, VA to fish with me several times a year. I had never fished the lake before, but we had a good day up there with the Fish Head Spin, as you can see from Steve’s pic above middle. Lanier has been changing a bunch over the month of January as many of you already know. The water level has been rising dramatically with the rains, including the one we got yesterday, which has already raised the level another foot as we sit around 7.5 feet down from full pool. Water temperatures have been fluctuating a bunch as well as the rains have been very warm for this time of year, but the cold temps that follow these storms always quickly brings the lake back down around the 50 degree mark. The bait and fish are scattered, and can be found both shallow and deep. Not much has changed on the fishing front, especially that the best bite literally changes every day. Some days there is a good shallow bite, other days deep right away is the key, and some days mid-depth is the best location. Stay flexible and search for the best bite and run that pattern through the day, pausing to check other options in the other categories mentioned above from time to time. In the early mornings, work a mid-diving crankbait, fish head spin, and a jerkbait shallow in ditches, pockets, and on steeper rocky/clay points. Some creeks have loaded up with bait near the back and the fish are active in these areas, particularly at daylight. Try these type areas or main lake pockets or points first thing in the morning. After the shallow bite slows, we are then working out deeper in ditches and pockets near the main lake. Focus your efforts near sharp drops and ledges in ditches and near the timber line, and fish timber edges as well as right in the thick stuff in the middle of the ditch when you are fishing deep. The worm and jig seem to be the best producers out deep, but don’t ignore other options such as a spoon or even a fish head spin, both of which we have used successfully right in the timber. This past week, we had some really good days in the timber from 30-45 feet deep. February is filling up fast for me. I am booked both this weekend and next, and only have all day Tuesday and Thursday morning open next week. As a recap, I have the following dates open in February: 5, 12, 14, 18, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, & 28. The forecast looks great for next week with the temperatures coming back to normal and lots of sunshine with a warming trend! Give me a call and lets go fish! For Fishing Reports on other Georgia Lakes, please visit: www.havefunfishing.comThanks to all and May God Bless! Jimbo