Hello Everyone – Hope y’all are doing well and enjoying what is hopefully the last few weeks of the Cruiser wakes – LOL! It shouldn’t be long until that traffic diminishes… We have had some average and above average days on the water over the last week or so. When the topwater/swimbait bite is there, we chase it and have caught some good ones doing that over the past few days. If the fish are not coming up, we have been using a 1/2 oz Fish Head Spin with a prototype trailer from the Davis Bait Company over the brush that has proven to work very well. More info on that as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned, you are going to like it! We have been dropping when the fish won’t hit the moving stuff. We have had great success with a new color that Wackem will soon have out in stores – Bruised Tomato. The deep fish really seem to like this color and we have had some great success with it. I got my hands on a few this week and they were gone in about 15 minutes. I did manage to find a few more though. LOL. As far as locations, we have been working the 18-30 foot range with the top water and fish head spin, and the better dropshot fish seem to be in the 25-32 foot range for the most part, with some deeper around the timber lines. Some days the fish are in the brush, and some days just around it – look for the sunshine to dictate the position of the fish as usual. The higher and brighter the sun, the tighter to brush you should find them. Work with the Fish Head Spin in terms of the depth at which you present it. Some days, we have found they like it near the bottom, and on other days, it seems just a 10 count down or so works best. Work your topwater baits fast and sloppy to bring the fish up. Once they are up, have a big swimbait handy to throw into the wolf pack for a great chance at catching a big one!! In terms of the topwater, we have had our best success of late on either a Gunfish 95 or a Repo Man. For the swimbait, try a Bull Shad or a Farley Swim Bait. The First Annual Wackem College Open was held this past weekend out of Laurel Park. The guys from Wackem Crazy Bait did an outstanding job in putting this event together. It was very well ran and attended. A big congratulations to Bryant Corral and Alex Posey from Kennesaw State for bringing home the Gold with a little over 24 lbs for 2 days of competition. Also, congrats to Brad Rutherford and his team from Young Harris who came in a close second. Look for this event to be even bigger and better next year with even more national attention. Way to go Wackem!! I have Friday open this week if anyone would like to get out. Next week, I have Thursday morning Sept 6th, and all day Friday and Saturday, Sept 7th and 8th, available for trips. Give me a ring or drop me a note if you would like to go fish! 770-542-7764 For Fishing Reports on other lakes, make sure to check out: www.havefunfishing.com Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo