Happy 4th Everyone! Thought I would drop a quick report in for those that might be getting out this weekend. In short, the fish did not have a chance this past week – LOL. The fishing was super and I had a bunch of happy customers, including several folks that caught their PB spot. Pretty cool stuff. We have been working the back of creeks and pockets in the early mornings for some big fish. The fish I am pictured with above was one of two the same size I had hooked on the same cast with a prop bait. Crazy. There are some big fish getting up in the right places very shallow. Look for the deeper creek pockets with grass in the backs. There are bait fish staying in the backs of some of these pockets and the big girls that spawned back there have not left. No need to! They have oxygen, food, and cover right there. Why leave? It would be like us getting a free room and board at the Ritz. Would we leave? NO! As the day progresses, we have been working topwater and swimbaits over brush on points and humps in the 18-25 ft zone. The topwater was even good on the cloudy days this week with a chug bug being our best topwater offering over all. Good thing, cloudy days seem to be all we get these days! When the fish won’t come all the way up, a weighted fluke and a FHS over the brush has been the ticket for us. Make sure to the let the fluke sink a good long while between twitches. Vary the length of your pause until you find the right cadence. Work the Fish Head Spin (or the Dude) over and around the brush. Vary your depths and retrieve speed until you hit on the right combo. Have fun out there and be safe this weekend. I am taking the weekend off, but I have next Thursday and Friday open for anyone that would like to get out and enjoy the topwater bite. Rick is available on Hartwell also, and the bite is strong up there as well for both spots and largemouth. For fishing reports on other Georgia lakes, be sure to visit: www.havefunfishing.com May God Bless – Jimbo