Hey Gang! The fishing has been good to very good this past week. The lake has came up again with the recent rains and we remain over full pool. Wow. What a change. Lots of water out there! We appear to be having a trickle spawn this year as there does not seem to have yet been a major wave of fish to hit the beds. There are definitely some fish spawning, but based on the condition of most of the fish we are catching, there are several remaining to spawn. We have shifted our focus a bit this week in terms of the areas we are targeting. For numbers, we have been hitting clay banks at the mouths of pockets and creeks in the 10-15 feet range. A shaky head and worm or crawfish immitation will work well to catch these fish. Experiment with jig head sizes and worm lengths, as sometimes lighter and smaller is better. 1/8 to 3/16 is standard jighead weight for this time of year. It is also important to note that we have began to catch some better fish in the 3 to 4 pound range up in the shallows this week. In terms of of a consistent approach for the bigger fish, we have been targeting the staging females out over the summer brush on the main lake and mouths of the creeks. A jerkbait and topwater have been our best offerings to catch these fish. While the bites on this pattern are fewer, the size is fantastic as we have caught some hammers this past week. Folks, if you have been waiting for the “right time” to fish, now is it! I am full this week and weekend, but have some dates open both next week and the week after as well. This is a great time to catch a bunch of fish and as well as learn how to catch staging female fish out deep! Give me a call and lets get out. Thanks to all and May God Bless! Jimbo