Hey Gang – Well I think Spring has finally “Sprung” as they say and the fish are moving after that tough February. I hope you have all had the opportunity to get out and enjoy the great weather. The bite has been improving steadily. We have had some good days lately and I expect them to get better. We have mostly been fishing creek arms and pockets the past couple of weeks looking for that faster warming water. Docks have been a great target for us within those places, although the areas around the docks and open areas without any docks have been productive as well. We have started most days with a Spro or Megabass Jerkbait and a rattle trap. These baits worked on flats in the back of creek arms have been productive for some early morning bites. We have then been shifting to the deeper creek arms and focusing on steeper banks with the jerkbait. Once the sun gets up, the docks have been very productive. We have focuses on docks that are in 20 feet or less. Some days the deeper docks are better, and some days the shallower docks seem to be more productive. You can definitely find more largemouth consistently around the shallower docks near the back of the creek arms, but the spots are back there on some days too. The deeper docks are a better bet in terms of consistent spot production. As far as bait selection, a jerkbait, a fluke, and various plastics rigged on a 3/16 oz Davis Shaky Head HBT Series Screw Lock Head have all been very good producers. Trick worms, finesse worms, and creepy crawlers skipped around docks are all working well right now. Experiment each day to find what the fish prefer. We have had some decent days on a jig as well, but I look for the jig bite to become a staple soon. I recommend stocking up on your favorite Chattahoochee Jigs now! I have mainly been fishing up North, but the lower lake is starting to come around and you will find me below BB much more often over the next few weeks. Look for the main lake bite to heat up soon and some big sacks to come from down south. It’s just time for that to happen. Any day now… If you haven’t heard, make sure to mark Sunday, March 29th on your calendars for the Lowrance Lake Lanier Mapping Party and Big Bass Bash. The event will be held at Little Hall Ramp that day and will include food, prizes and giveaways, as well as free Lowrance instruction and seminars. Catch the biggest bass that day and win a FREE Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch! Also, there is an ongoing Lake Lanier Mapping Challenge that offers an HDS 9 Gen 2 Touch as its grand prize (March 6-28). Check out all the details by clicking HERE. A special congrats to my man Bo Pierce who is pictured above in the 2 photographs on the right. I had Bo out on a trip with me earlier this week while he was having his brand new HDS 9 Gen 3 Touch units installed by Tim at Hammond’s Fishing. We caught a good sack the day we were out, and I was able to show him a few things he could apply on this own during future trips (Pic 2nd from right). The picture on the far right is the result! I met up with Bo on the water at the end of one of my trips later this week to tune his units he had installed on Wednesday, and was happy to celebrate his results with him. I love to teach and Bo was an outstanding student! It was very gratifying to me that he took what he learned and was able to immediately apply it to his fishing. Congrats Bo! I have Thursday and Friday open this coming week (March 26 and 27). I also have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, March 30th, 31st and April 1st open as well. After that, my first open days are April 13, 14, and 15 as I am fully booked the first 2 weeks of April. I anticipate some excellent fishing over the next few weeks. Give me a call and book your dates now! Let’s go catch’em!! Thanks to all and May God Bless – Jimbo
Source: Old feed