Hey Gang – It is great to see the sun back consistently! It has been awesome to finally have some beauty days out there to enjoy. The fish seem to be enjoying it as well as things are definitely on an upswing on the pond. Over the past week, I have seen a better concentration of fish around and in the brush than I have seen all summer. I attribute this to the pending change of season, ample sunshine, and of course the water release through the week. I noticed yesterday the fish were not as tight to the brush as they had been through the week. It was partly cloudy and no water release. Go figure. There was lots of schooling activity through the week at different points in the day. We focused on brush in 18-25 feet on points and humps. We were also able to bring fish up consistently through the day in these same areas. So, as you can imagine, topwater and swimbaits became our go-to presentations. We really caught and tangled with some big fish this week. I saw the biggest spot I have ever seen in that lake try to get on my customer’s gunfish on Friday afternoon. Unreal big. I was not fishing and was just watching – I was at the perfect angle to see it all. It was a heartbreak for him, but he recovered nicely with some good fish making it to the boat. I have also been experimenting with the latest version of swimbait from Sworming Hornet Lures, The Snack Sized Herring. It is the smaller brother of the Bite Sized Herring and will be out in stores like Hammond’s and Oakwood soon. It is very balanced and runs very true for such a compact presentation option. I love it! When things got boring, LOL, we would move to the drop shot, which seemed to be working much better than anything right on the bottom this week. Casting the dropshot is particularly effective right now as well as the typical vertical presentations. Areas with a ledge close to deep water seemed to produce our bigger bites on the DS. Wackem worms in Lanier Candy, LJ’s Passion, and LJ’s Obsession worked nicely. On other fronts, I am excited to report the addition of another new sponsor to Jimbo’s Guide Service – Trokar Hooks. I really look forward to working with Brian Evans and his team with Trokar/Seaguar. Seaguar has been a long time relationship that is also growing for me in working with Brian. Both of these products have outstanding reputations in the market and I am both pleased and honored to represent them. Finally, a Big Thank You to everyone that came out and braved the weather for the Blackshear Place Baptist Church Sportsman’s Feast back in August. What a great event, and as always, I really enjoyed presenting and hosting a booth there. The main message of the evening was very powerful, and 79 people made the decision for Christ that night. What a Blessing to be part of such an awesome event. I have the following dates remaining in September: 10, 12, 13, 17, 24, 30. I am also booking for the first week of October on Lanier with a few dates still open that week. As far as tournament preparation goes, I am at capacity for Camp Sunshine and BFL preparation trips, but still have one slot open for anyone practicing for the Skeeter Challenge Event the first weekend of October. The off limits for all participants in that event starts on September 29th, so please plan accordingly. Also, the Hartwell bite is picking up well and Rick has had some great trips out for me on Hartwell and Burton over the past couple of weeks. He has some dates open still in September and you don’t want to miss the action on these super lakes. Give me a call to set a date with Rick or I and let’s go fish!! For fishing reports on other Georgia Lakes, please visit: www.havefunfishing.com Thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo