Hey Everyone –

I am finally back again with more information and pictures.

You guys have been keeping me very busy out there – thank you!! I have had trips every day over the last 10 days including a guide trip I did on Hartwell yesterday for a good customer of mine who lives up there and has fished down here with me several times. I went up and we launched from his dock (man that’s nice). We fished with all the FLW pros up there prepping for their upcoming tournament. We stayed out of their way, but we still managed a good day in the wind. Crankbaits, Jerkbaits and worms all produced fish for us yesterday – that is a fun lake and I look forward to fishing it more in the future. I also helped set up Paul’s new Lowrance HDS electronics and structure scan – he is set to go and will continue catching them good up on Hartwell – thanks Paul!

I have had some great trips on Lanier over the past week. We have caught several big Largemouth and Spots over the week – the fish are biting and it has been fun out there. It was different every day, but with some work, we got on good fish each day. I had some tournament anglers out last week, so no pics of them, but I will say I was out with one on Saturday, which was one of our better days, and we absolutely whacked fish all day in the creeks – just a blast.

It is tough to claim a “best bait” over the last week – some days it was the jerkbait, and some it was the fish head spin. The cranks have also made a comeback over the last week or so. We have been focusing on creek pockets mostly and our fish have been shallow for the most part – 10 feet of water or less. On sunny days, many fish have been around the docks as well as other shore-line cover. In cloudy weather they are roaming much more and the bites are a bit more random. The spots are mixed in with the LM in the creeks right now. Friday, we caught almost all LM, but Saturday, the spots ruled in the same type of places – very cool to have that mix and see the LM coming back so well. The LM will continue to play a big part in the tournament scene out there this spring. They are up and active and it makes sense to target them in many scenarios – again, it’s just great to see. For fishing reports on other Georgia lakes, make sure to check out: www.havefunfishing.com

I am booked the rest of this week – again, thank you to everyone. I have had so many new customers of late, and I truly appreciate your business!

I do have some open dates the week of March 12th – give me a ring if you would like to get out and have some fun out there – what a great spring we are having! Give me a call and let’s go fish!! 770-542-7764

Thanks to all, and may God Bless –