Hey Everyone –

It has been a phenomenal week on Lanier this week for us – we have had some outstanding success with big fish and big sacks. We have caught some TRUCKS this week, including a trophy spot that weighed 6 pounds, 5 ounces and a LM that weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces. Both of these big fish, caught on Wednesday and Thursday, anchored 19-20 pound + sacks.

You can fish deep if you want, but these monsters have came in 18 feet of water or less, and many from 1-6 feet of water. Given the long range forecast with highs in the 50’s and 60’s, I don’t expect this to change. Based on the LM catches that we have experienced plus what has been reported to me, I believe the largemouth are in pre-spawn mode already. Lot’s of big lips were caught this week, including an 8.3 that I know of on Sunday, a 26.5 sack of lips to win a tournament on Sunday, as well as 34.43 lbs sack of heads up North on Tuesday (Here’s to you Joe – nice catch, beautiful sack brother!)

Our main weapon this week for the big fish has been the Fish Head Spin and a crankbait. The 6.5 spot came on a FHS, and the 8.2 LM came on a crankbait. When the moving bait bite has slowed down, we have been using a trick worm on a Davis Shaky Head to get bit up shallow. We have been focusing on points at the mouths of creeks and the shallow portion of ditches for our fish.

I had some great customers this week including Justin and his Dad and Person X. Justin, his dad and I had a great day on Wednesday and caught several very nice fish. Person X was with me on Thursday when I caught the big spot, and he is sporting some 4 pounders of his own – nice work X!!

I will be at the Great Southern Fishing Show on Saturday and Sunday and will be discussing how I use the FHS to catch monster spots. I have a seminar at 10 AM on Saturday, and 10:30 AM on Sunday in the Trout room. Hope to see you there.

I still have some days open next week, so please give me a ring and let’s go catch some MONSTERS!!

Thanks to all, and May God Bless!