Hey Everyone –

We have had another good week on Lanier – plenty of topwater and swimbait action.

I was out today with Greg and his son Jett. We had a good day, even with the wind. Greg and Jett were in learning mode, so we ducked back into some pockets to fish. We worked on casting and presentation of a shaky head and various topwater baits. Jett was the star of the day – he is posing above with his dad holding a very solid spot – nice job Jett!

On Friday, I had the pleasure of taking out 91 year-old Bob B. and his grandson Chris. We were out on a full day trip – Bob could really hang in there and still fish very well – you could tell he has done this before a time or two! We had a blast – we caught a good mix of spots and largemouth, and all of our fish came on topwater in or near the wind – most of the fish were in 15 feet of water or less. My instincts were pretty good, and I turned on the video camera just before Chris hooked the largemouth pictured above. I have published the video on my YouTube channel – check it out when you can – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdg78_sW6_A&feature=youtube_gdata. (just copy and paste the link above in your browser)

Overall, the fishing is good on Lanier right now. This past week, we have caught fish on: topwater, swimbaits, jerkbaits, worms, and of course, the FHS. Some fish have came very shallow (1 foot or less) and some have come as deep as 30 feet around brush. The fish have been changing every day – so, start with a clean slate when you get out and just go fish. If you are graphing fish in the upper levels of the water column, throw topwater or the jerkbait. You may have to hit several holes before you find the active fish, but you can pretty much chase an active topwater/swimbait bite all day if you want to run and gun. If you would prefer, you can also catch fish on a shaky head worm. Look for fish in and around brush and bottom locked – that is a good time to slow down and fish the bottom.

I am happy to report that I am booked everyday next week and weekend through Sunday, with the exception of Thursday. So please give me a ring if you would like to get out either on Thursday, or I have a couple of dates open the following week if you prefer. This is really a fun time to fish.

Thank you to everyone who has been out with me and those who continue to come – I am grateful and very blessed.

Best of Luck to everyone out there, and may God Bless!