Howdy folks! Well I was able to get Richie Rich out from behind his computer long enough to wet a hook this week. It was his first time fishing in months and he spanks me from the back of my own boat so how do you like that! We actually had a pretty good day on Wednesday even though the front moved in sooner that expected. We used clips from the Gainesville Marina and Chattahoochee River areas to zero in on some fish and wound up with a pattern that called for secondary points with chunk rock. These points needed to be a little on the shallow side. Our fish came in less than 10 feet of water.

I fished again on Friday mostly just scouting for the March of Dimes/American Protiens tournament. I’ll be fishing that one with Toby Hicks from the ABA. Check in here for my report Saturday evening (ok maybe Sunday).

Rich will be video-taping the MS Benefit tournament on Carter’s Lake on Saturday. Louie Bartonfield is fishing that one as well as our buddy Matt Driver from ProAngler Radio. Pastor Rick Shoup of the Chattahoochee Baptist Church might be fishing that one if he can get off of FR (fishing restriction). Rich will have the video up on the site sometime mid next week.

Hey don’t forget the Chattahoochee Baptist Church has another benefit tournament on Lanier April 3rd from Little Hall. That one will guarantee another $1,500 first place check! Take a look at the March 6th video at to get an idea of how a professional weigh-in event is supposed to look!

As always folks, tight lines and be sure to utilize the JIMBO code when you purchase drought video clips from this site. Good fishing!