I am thrilled to express our deepest gratitude to the incredible sponsors who have partnered with us, making my guiding endeavors even more fulfilling and rewarding. Their support, commitment, and relationships have been instrumental in helping me pursue growing a community of like-minded anglers. So let me proudly showcase our esteemed sponsors and share a brief glimpse into their offerings and contributions.

John Megel Chevy

John Megel Chevy has been a prominent name in the truck industry for years, especially with sportsmen. With a dedication to excellence and a wide range of high-quality vehicles, they provide me with the reliability and performance needed to tow a boat with ease. (and look good doing it!) I am grateful for their unwavering support, and to be a part of the Megel family. For all your new and used vehicle needs, reach out to Megel – now with a Ford dealership as well.

jimbos' truck and boat

advantage boat sponsor

Advantage Boat Center

Advantage Boat Center understands the importance of a well-equipped vessel when it comes to chasing our angling dreams. Another family-owned business, their commitment to offering top-of-the-line boats and exceptional customer service has made them a trusted sponsor. With their support, we can confidently navigate the waters, knowing we have a reliable partner by our side.  I am on my third Xpress and love this boat! For your next boat and service, see Tabor, Myra, and Bill!

rods and reels in boat

reel sponsor


Shimano is synonymous with innovation and precision in the fishing industry. Their cutting-edge reels and fishing equipment have been instrumental in our pursuit of the perfect catch. Shimano provides us with the tools we need to enhance your angling experience and make every moment on the water count. I provide only Shimano reels for you to use on your trip.

g loomis rod sponsor

G Loomis

G Loomis is a brand that anglers trust for their superior fishing rods. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the angling community’s needs, G Loomis delivers high-performance rods that enhance my casting precision and overall fishing success. I appreciate their support in equipping me with the finest fishing gear available, and that is what you will use on your trip with me.

wrap sponsor

400 Ink

That sexy wrap on my truck and boat is provided by Cary and the gang. For all your marketing needs, you can trust 400Ink.

jimbos truck 2

bait sponsor

Georgia Blade

Mike and Pam – I cannot say enough. Georgia Blade offers a wide selection of premium fishing lures and tackle. Their dedication to crafting innovative, high-performing lures has elevated my fishing game. When I need a specific bait, they craft a beauty that catches monsters! I extend our heartfelt appreciation to Georgia Blade for their generous sponsorship and commitment to angling excellence. We love welcoming them at every Expo. You can visit them up front at this year’s Expo and get some great deals!



Hammonds has been a trusted name in the fishing industry since 1986. With their extensive range of fishing tackle and accessories and live bait, you can shop for what the fish are biting right now. Hammonds’ is a family-owned business located near Lanier. For all your tackle needs, visit them in person or online.

line sponsor


Seaguar is renowned for producing premium fishing lines and leaders. With their state-of-the-art fluorocarbon and braided lines, they provide me with the reliability and strength necessary to tackle a variety of fishing conditions. We’re grateful for Seaguar’s sponsorship, as it allows us to fish with confidence, knowing we have the best lines in our arsenal. We love giving away line every year at Jimbo’s Expo so you can experience this award-winning line.



Berkley is a trusted name in the fishing lure industry. Berkley’s lures have consistently proven effective, making them an essential part of our angling success. Each year at the Expo, you can expect a huge giveaway of their fantastic baits!


Fish Monkey

Fish Monkey understands the importance of protecting my hands during long fishing trips. Their range of durable and comfortable gloves provides us with the necessary grip, dexterity, and UV protection while handling fish and equipment. We greatly appreciate their support in ensuring our hands are safe and ready for every fishing adventure.


We are incredibly fortunate to have the unwavering support of these exceptional sponsors. Their contributions have enabled me to pursue my passion for guiding with enhanced confidence, performance, and enjoyment. We extend our deepest gratitude to John Megel Chevy, Advantage Boat Center, Shimano, G Loomis, 400 Ink, Georgia Blade, Hammonds, Seaguar, Berkley, and Fish Monkey for their invaluable support. Together, we are creating a community for all anglers.