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This week’s Lake Lanier Fishing Report is brought to you by – great new weigh-in videos are available for viewing on the site – as well as a cool voice-over from O’Neill Outside – he gives a perfect overview – Check it out today! Look for some great new features and “How To Use” sections as explained by our newest team member and local fishing professional, Eric Aldrich. This brand new exciting information will be posted on the site THIS WEEK!!

I was out on the Lake 3 days this week and did great…until the CBC Tournament on Saturday – of course! Wednesday and Thursday were both great days for numbers and size. We caught fish on topwater each morning – my lure of choice was a black and chrome chug bug. I caught fish on 4 consectutive casts at our first stop Thursday morning in Six Mile. I also found a strong Shakey Head bite out on the Main Lake – we caught several solid fish in the 3 lbs to 4 lbs range. My fish have been coming on rocky/clay banks and points both in the creeks and on the main lake. I know that is all about to change as the fish continue moving out post-spawn, but for now, they still seem to be up there good. I also had the pleasure this week of taking a client out on a guide trip. We utlilized the info and got on fish! Ross had a great time and really caught ’em Wednesday. I have attached some pictures from the trip. The weather was awesome, and we had a great day together! Thanks Ross! I look forward to more guide trips as the topwater bite gets stronger – knowing where those brushpiles are will be key folks!! Drop me a line if you would like to get out!

The CBC Tournament was a great event and the church raised some much-needed funds for their youth ministry. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this great cause! The highlight of my tournament was spending an hour and a half fishing out my spinning rod that got launched over my bow (thanks to my trolling motor kicking on)as I was trying to measure a fish. The fish was 15 inches, and I got my rod back. Happy ending I guess, but overall I did not adjust as I needed to on the water with the weather change. I caught allot of fish, but their heads were too close to their tails! Next time!!

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TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCEMENT – Make sure to come participate in the Casting for a Cause Tournament this Saturday, May 15th, out of Laurel Park. Time is SL – 3 PM. This is a great cause and a great organization – please come out and support them! $10,000 first place to the winner! (Based on 150 Boats) will be filming the weigh-in, and Eric Aldrich, along with yours truly will be fishing the tournament – can’t wait – should be an awesome event! Check out the link:

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