Hello Everyone –

Well, I just finished a 13 day stretch on the water with trips each day. It has been great to be on the water non-stop. I love what I do! Contrary to the nay-sayers on BFHP, I have found the bite to be pretty good each day. There are always exceptions, but overall the fishing has been solid. On sunny days, I am getting bit on flats and key secondary points at the mouths of creeks. The dock bite is also good on the sunny days as many of the fish use the docks to stage prior to the spawn. On cloudy days, the fish roam more, but still can be caught on spawning flats and secondary points. I have also just found a jerkbait bite on the main lake – I believe these fish are just coming up and and are clearly in the pre-spawn stage.

That being said, I also believe that many fish are spawning right now, and some have spawned already. I have seen several pods of bass fry in certain areas, both south and north. I think many of the fish are farther along than most people believe, and can explain the tough bite for many folks. I have just putting the trolling motor down and going fishing. I have found active fish in areas that you may not expect and caught fish in many different locations. So, my advice is to stay on the move until you get bit, and then work that area thoroughly, as you will likely catch more fish in that same area.

Baits of choice:

1. Jerkbait – work these baits around secondary points in pockets along the creek channels and adjacent to main lake. The water has warmed nicely over the past 2 weeks, and the jerkbait bite has gotten steadily better. Fish these baits around docks adjacent to spawning flats as well, especially when the sun is out.

2. Fish Head Spin – I have been working these around shallow secondary points. Slow has still been the ticket – keep the lure in contact with the bottom and wait for the fish to load up – they haven’t been eating it agressively on most days.

3. Slong’s Shaky Head – I have been working the 3/16 oz Slong’s Shaky Heads around the same areas as noted above when the bite is less aggressive. I have been using a Wackem Pointy Tail and Trick Worm in pumpkin green for my bites. I have found fish up on flats too on certain days – look for the “highways” or ditches that feed the flats – the fish will position around docks that are closest to the ditches first.

4. Crankbait – When the morning bite is on, you can pick off some studs with this bait, as you have seen on my blog posts and website. Use something with a tight wobble – work grass/brush flats and secondary points for the best bites.

I expect the fluke bite and swimbait bite to really work well soon too. Keep trying these baits as you are fishing – you just never know when you might collect a good one on these lures.

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Until next time everybody – tight lines!!