Hello Everyone –

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the great spring weather! The fishing has really picked up over the last week or so. I have had several trips over the past few days, and the catch has gotten steadily better each day. I expect the bite to be “off the charts” any day now, but each day should be at least good!

I still have been using 3 main baits to get bit – locations are still the same as well:

1. Jerkbait – work these baits around secondary points in pockets along the creek channels and along main lake. The water has warmed nicely over the past 2 weeks, and the jerkbait bite has gotten steadily better. Fish these baits around docks adjacent to spawning flats as well.

2. Fish Head Spin – I have been working these around shallow secondary points. Slow has still been the ticket – keep the lure in contact with the bottom and wait for the fish to load up – they haven’t been eating it agressively on most days.

3. Slong’s Shaky Head – I have been working the 3/16 oz Slong’s Shaky Heads around the same areas as noted above when the bite is less aggressive. I have been using a Wackem Pointy Tail and Trick Worm in pumpkin green for my bites. I have found fish up on flats too on certain days – look for the “highways” or ditches that feed the flats – the fish will position around docks that are closest to the ditches first.

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I am filling up for the Spring – call me TODAY at 770-542-7764 to book your trip!!

Until next time everybody – tight lines!!