Hello Everyone –

Sorry for the long delay in posting a fishing report. I have posted a few reports on the Bass Fishing Home Page, but have not been as active as usual with my posting. I took some time off in late May to attend the Indy 500, which was followed by my mother’s passing. Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers – they are greatly appreciated. The good news is I see no more distractions in the near future, so onto fishing!

The topwater action and swimbait action remains good, in the early mornings particularly, especially after the rains have came through that have cooled the water temps slightly and increased the oxygen levels near the surface. For topwater, I have been using either a small popper or the smaller sized gunfish in bone color. When the sun is out, I prefer the chrome offerings. As far as swimbaits, take note of the bait fish being chased. If you see them coming out of the water, the chances are the bass are chasing the bluebacks. I have found at times, however, that the fish are focused on smaller baitfish. My advice is to match the hatch – pay attention and vary your baits and presentations. Some of the things I have been using include: Farley Swimbaits, flukes, Spro Swimbaits (to include the BBZ1 Shad), and the S-Waver. A fish-head spin will also work well. Work the upper region of the water column, or count down the bait to the depth the fish are holding if you find they are not coming up. If you graph bait up in the water column, the fish will likely be looking up. On cloudy days, I have also found a jig/twin tail combo to work, and of course, the standard Slongs Shaky Head tipped with your favorite Wackem Crazy Bait offering, dipped in clear or chartreuse JJ’s Magic.

As far as locations, I have been focusing on off-shore structure such as long-running points and humps, along with ledges. Focus on the structures that also have good cover on them, such as brush. In low-light or cloudy conditions, the fish are generally roaming in these areas and not locked on the brush. When the sun is out, the fish tend to relate more directly to the brush piles. Focus on those and present your baits directly over the top of them or in them to get bit.

SPOT TAIL MINNOWS – I am now also doing spot tail minnow trips. This is simply a blast in terms of numbers of fish, and certainly you are apt to catch some big ones too. This is a PERFECT option for less-experienced anglers and particularly children – it is a quick and easy technique to master. If you have not done this before, I encourage you to book a spot-tail trip with me – you will not be disappointed!!

Make sure to check out my fishing reports on the Bass Fishing Home Page (WMI.org). I post there at least twice weekly, so check it out! Also, I have a video out – if you have not seen it, click here to view. Enjoy!

I still have dates open in June -call me TODAY at 770-542-7764 to book your trip!! I have Wednesday and Thursday open this week!!

Until next time everybody – tight lines and God Bless –