Hello Everyone –

My apologies for not posting a fishing report lately. The end of January and the first 2 weeks of February were tough on the lake, and I did not have anything spectacular to report.

Thank goodness that spring is here and the weather is cooperating! I have experienced improving success over the past 2 weeks – each day better than the next with the warming temperatures.

I have been doing 3 main things to get bit recently:

1. Jerkbait – work these baits around secondary points in pockets along the creek channels and along main lake. Focus on the pockets that get all day sun as they will warm the fastest. Look to your Northern banks for the best locations. Work the bait slowly with long pauses between snaps of the rod. The jerk around docks is working too – same locations and technique as noted above. Focus on areas with clay and pebble rock.

2. Fish Head Spin – I have been working these around shallow secondary points. Slow has been the ticket lately – keep the lure in contact with the bottom. As the water continues to warm, speed up your retrieve. Experiment – the fish will tell you what they want!

3. Slong’s Shaky Head – I have been working the 1/4 oz Slong’s Shaky Heads around the same areas as noted above when the bite is less aggressive. I have been using a Wackem Pointy Tail and Trick Worm in pumpkin green for my bites. I have found fish up on flats too – look for the “highways” or ditches that feed the flats – the fish will position around docks that are closest to the ditches first.

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Until next time everybody – tight lines!!