Hello Everyone –

I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday season. We here in Georgia are in the midst of one of the worst snow storms that I can remember. It snowed about 6 inches Sunday night, followed by freezing rain and sleet – a mess to say the least – particularly here in GA, where we have almost no snow removal equipment!!

The good news is, the cold weather has brought on a great spoon bite, and it should only get better as the weather stays cold. The cold weather will cause a shad kill, particularly back in the creeks where the threadfins are concentrated, and these conditions help make for a rockin’ spoon bite.

I have been working outside creek channel bends that also offer other significant structure nearby – standing timber, roadbeds, brush, etc. The fish have been in 40 – 55 feet of water, and I have been vertically jigging a flex-it spoon on top of them. I have been alternating between a silver and a white spoon based on the sun. Sunny days I favor the silver spoon, cloudy the white. Mainly, I have been using spoons in the 3/4 oz range to get them down a bit quicker. Alter your presentation over these fish in terms of your retrieves to find out how the fish want it on that particular day. Sometimes quick snaps work, sometimes a slow methodical yo-yo seems to work best – just depends.

There are also fish stacked in certain areas of the main lake and at the mouths of creeks – these tend to be the bigger fish from my experience. Work back from main lake humps and points until you hit the 40-50 foot zone and look for the timber or other significant structure on your graph that could offer the fish and bait a haven.

The weather is supposed to clear and warm up by this weekend – once the roads are safely passable, you should get out there with the spoon and go to work! Let me know if I can help – I would love to share this technique with you if you are interested – just call me to book a trip. 770-542-7764

I recommend everyone check out the site ASAP – there are lots of recent changes that I am sure you will be interested in!! And remember gang, use the JIMBO Code at for a 20% discount on all clips you purchase.

I am still booking Jan/Feb and the Spring – call me TODAY at 770-542-7764 to book your trip!!

Until next time everybody – tight lines!!