Water Temp: 83 degrees

Lake Level: 3.68 feet below full pool

Current Open July Dates: 11, 12, 19, 27, 28, 29, 30(AM).The fishing on Lake Lanier has been good this past week.  The lake sets at nearly 3 and 3/4 feet down currently and continues to drop as the Corp continues to pull water from the lake regularly.  We are starting to enjoy some afternoon rain storms which helps some, but it is still dropping. The early morning bite has been mainly a schooling bite. Catching these fish requires a precise cast to the area of activity.  Set up your rigs to make long casts to be ready for these situations. We have been working humps and points with access to deep water for this bite.  Fish are typically around areas with brush, but not always.  A drop shot presented to fish you see on your Lowrance has been effective as well at this time of the day. The mid-day bite for spots has really been improving with a variety of baits to include topwater like a chug bug, as well as mechanical swimbaits like those offerings from the Sweet Bait Company.   After the morning schooling bite, we have had good success running and gunning brush piles around the lake with the topwater and swimbaits. Work the topwater baits and swimbaits over the brush and expect a response from any active fish within the first few casts.  If you get no response on top, switch to a SuperSpin and swim the bait around and over the brush.  When the moving bait bite slows down, switch to a dropshot worm and work it vertically on fish you can see on your Lowrance. Focus on both main lake and creek mouth points and humps, and remember sometimes the fish are relating specifically to the brush, so make sure to work the brush thoroughly as well.  Brush in 18-25 feet has been most productive this week.  There are several fish that are positioned out deeper in the 35 foot range as well, on the first break out from the brush piles you will be targeting.  These fish will eat a drop shot at times also.  I still have the following dates open in July: 11, 12, 19, 27, 28, 29, 30(AM).  Give me a call and let’s get out and have some fun! Thanks to all and May God Bless.