Hey Everyone –

I had the pleasure of taking my two youngest daughters out fishing today – man it got hot, but we had a blast! They had been bugging me alot to take them, especially after seeing the pictures of all the big fish we have been catching lately. So, when I had an off day, I finally made it happen.

My youngest daughter, Olivia, got the hang of things quickly and popped the fish above – a solid 4 pounder – not bad catching a 4 lbs spot at 8 years old. I had to help her lift the rod tip a little when the fish made some runs, but she caught it all on her own. I was a proud papa!

I let the girls fish with spot-tails, and I threw some topwater around through the day and called a couple up, but not big ones. We did see some huge spots breaking over and near the structure, but I was just never in a position to get a quick cast at them.

I still have Thur and Sat open if anyone is interested in catching some fish – hot or not, the fish are still biting!

Thanks, and may God Bless –