Hey Everyone – We had lot’s of fun last night at the Braves Game – my wife suggested the game and Steve Miller Concert as a “Date Night” – gotta love it when your wife suggests sporting events and concerts as a date! LOL. We had a blast. As far as fishing, it was another great week out on Lanier for Jimbo’s – lots of fish and lots of fun had by all! I had trips every day and ran 2 on Friday with Rick Steckelberg coming down from Hartwell to help out. I ran one live bait trip this week, and the rest of the time we focused on the topwater and swimbait bite. We are still starting in the backs of the creeks and pockets each morning and doing pretty well. There remains a good concentration of bait and fish in the backs of certain creeks and pockets, along with some big ones. A prop bait such as the Stanford Cedar Lures offering, has been our best choice. During the day, it has been the same for us – run from hole to hole and pull the fish up with topwater and swimbaits. When it is cloudy and windy, Rick’s new Sworming Hornet Bite Size Herring seems to be best. When the sun is out, a topwater of some nature seems to work better. Our topwater offerings his past week included a chug bug, a gunfish, and a spook. This coming week, I only have Thursday morning open (July 18th). After that, the only three dates I have left in July are the 23, 26 (PM), and 27. I am booked the rest of the month. Rick is available on Hartwell this week also, and has been doing well on trips up there as well as Burton this past week. Give me a call to book Lanier or Hartwell – only a few days open in July. For fishing reports on other Georgia Lakes, please visit: www.havefunfishing.com Have fun out there and stay safe! Good luck and May God Bless – Jimbo