Hey Everyone – It was great to be back on the water again this week after being sick for so long. Man that stunk! The water temps have cooled slightly and the water has also came up an inch or so with all the rain and cloudy weather this week. We had a good bite all week on a number of different techniques. When the sun is out, a Fish Head Spin over the the brush has worked well. When it has been overcast, the Sworming Hornet Dude has been the ticket over the brush. We caught some very nice fish this week on the Dude as you can see from the pic above top right – the Dude is still hanging from her face! We have also caught some nice fish on a jig around sharp, rocky drops this week. When I was out with Stanley on Thursday, he got on a great bite with his newly acquired Bull Shad, not to mention the rod and reel he bought to throw it! He caught several nice fish on the Bull Shad, often on the first cast after we pulled up on a spot. Of course we fished the drop shot a bunch this week as well. It was not as effective in the cloudy weather. We caught plenty of fish up to 3.5 lbs on it from 20 to 40 feet, but never found a school of grown’uns willing to play. As the water continues to heat up, look for the spots to get tighter and tighter to the brush, especially on sunny days. Look for the bigger fish to be relating to drops and ledges in the 30-45 feet range. These fish will not necessarily be around cover or in great numbers – you may just see 3-5 fish on your graph on a drop off on the back side of a hump or on a flat spot at the end of a point near a break. Reading and understanding your electronics is always important, but it is especially critical this time of year. I am dialed into the Lowrance HDS electronics with Structure Scan and can help you read/understand what you are seeing in order to help you maximize your catch. Also, we went shallow this week a couple of mornings after the rains came through. We found some active fish up shallow that we caught on top-water plugs, which was a bunch of fun. Stanley from trip on Thursday was the king of that action! Way to go Stanley!! I have not ran any spot tail trips yet this summer (just one demonstration) but I have one coming up this week. I understand they are chomping those little critters and that some big stringers have been caught this week on them. I look forward to having some fun with the “crack” this week as well. I don’t have any dates open this coming week, but I do have some dates open the week of July 23rd. Give me a call if you would like to work on reading your electronics, drop-shotting, or the Fish Head Spin/Lil’ Dude – this is a good time to be focusing on all the above!! It is also a great time to have fun with the spot tails. If you have never spot tail fished, this is the time. It turns fishing into catching!! My forecast for the FLW Cup is that it will be won on one of the above techniques. (not the spot tails though!) For fishing reports on other Georgia Lakes, please visit the site of my good friend Ken Sturdivant: www.havefunfishing.com Thanks to all and May God Bless – Jimbo