Hey Gang – This report, as well as the multiple pages of pics, are all from last week. I am in the midst of a 13 day straight run of trips. Somewhat exhausting, but it has been awesome! Thanks to everyone for the calls and keeping me so busy – I love it! I was on Day 9 today, so still a few more to go before a day off, which, yes, I am planning to spend fishing. And yes I will be out in the mornings over the holiday weekend. Should be interesting. LOL. A great story from last week is where I will start. If you y’all remember, I had just got back from Disney last weekend, and was starting back on trips as of Monday, June 23rd. I posted a report and included some pics from the week prior to my departure. All that said, I headed on out the 23rd to get spot tails for an afternoon trip with some kids. I launched early and tried to find some minnows. No luck. I had been away for a week, and wasn’t sure where to check, as my usual haunts were not producing. Finally, I had to give up the search, and hope that somehow we could make the artificials work, which is a tough order with inexperienced anglers, especially kids. Looking back, I’m SO GLAD that I could not find the spot tails. I will tell you all that I had the best, most rewarding week of my career last week. I worked with 5 different young men and women with limited, if any, fishing experience, and taught them to fish. To really fish. From the ground up. Started with teaching them to cast a spinning rig, and then how to properly fish a chug bug and a swimbait. And then, how to fight and land a fish. All week, we threw those baits, and those baits only, to catch all of the fish pictured in these multiple posts. Those kids did so well and I was so proud of them for learning and applying all that information so well. The sense of accomplishment for them, and me, was incredible. It was just awesome. They now each have a great base of fundamentals that will carry them through a lifetime of learning and growing in a sport that we all cherish so much. Great week. Agian, all the fish pictured came on a chug bug or a swimbait. You can see the baits we were using in one of the photos. We had several multiple hook ups, including one triple and several doubles, which are also pictured. The topwater bite has slowed a bit this week, but it is still there and, at customer request, we are still chasing it. We caught several today, including a big one, and lost a monster as well. Pics on those later. I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday open next week (July 8,9,10). Give me a call – I would love to have you out. And, I would love to teach your kids to fish. I forsee some topwater, as well as a Fish Head Spin, a swimbait, a Dude, and a drop shot in my future, as well as some minnows. Maybe next time I can find some. LOL. Enjoy the Holiday weekend and stay safe if you chose to hit the pond this weekend. It should be quite a sight. LOL. Thanks to everyone, and May God Bless – Jimbo