Hey Gang – Well, I got a “snow day” today with all the rain this morning. My customer hit the “abort” button just before we launched, and I can’t say that I blame him. Apparently, we have entered the monsoon season here in Georgia. We decided to depart from the ramp and forge ahead on the matters at hand – he went to build an Ark, and I went to gather animals two by two….LOL. Even with the rain, however, the bite has been steadily improving and there are lots of techniques working right now. If you like to bed fish, there are LM bedding all over the lake right now and have been for a couple of weeks or more. There are some spots bedding now as well, but I look for a greater progression to the beds over the next couple of weeks. It’s hard to beat a 1/8 oz Davis Shaky Head for numbers right now. Focus on points or docks on or near rocky areas that have a spawning flat somewhere adjacent. Steeper areas seems to be better, but the flatter stuff is starting to work as well. We have been fishing this rig on a GLoomis NRX 822 Shaky Head Rod. It is super-sensitive and really lets you feel those light bites. A weightless fluke around the fresh pine blow downs (from the ice storm) has been good for some fun too. When the wind is up, a 1/2 oz Davis Spinnerbait with white blades has been a good offering, as well as a Spro Little John MD in the Cell Mate color. Focus on those same rocky points mentioned above. A jerkbait or a swimbait over the brush has been spitting up some donkeys lately, as evidenced above with Craig proudly ‘splaying Spotzilla (2nd from right) – she weighed 6 flat on the digitals – heckofa fish Craig! I believe she was a round as she was long… Another quick reminder about the upcoming GLoomis Owner’s Tournament on June 6th out of Little Hall. Make $300 worth of qualifying purchases in the GLoomis/Shimano line at fine local tackle stores like Hammond’s Fishing or the Dugout, and you are in! Visit the stores for details! I was tinkering with the idea of holding another seminar in May, but honestly I am too busy running trips to create and deliver a quality product to everyone, so I have decided to wait until August for my next round of seminars. I will have the dates confirmed and be ready to take sign ups shortly. The August seminars will focus on Fall and Early Winter fishing on Lanier. As before, we will have a range of topics to cover in that arena. Techniques, locations, Lowrance Screen Shots, proper rod and reel set ups, and much more will be covered. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again for a great learning experience and some fun fellowship! I will announce the dates and location soon. In April, I only have the 23rd open, as well as the afternoon of the 29th. Here is what I have for May right now: 6, 7, 11, 12, 16, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28 and 30. Lot’s of fun bites to come during that time including topwater! Give me a ring and let’s go get ’em! Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo
Source: Old feed