Hey Gang – LAST CHANCE SEMINAR REMINDER: We still have a few spots open for my Spring Fishing Seminar and Expo this coming Saturday, January 30th. There will be tons of great information about fishing the on Lanier along with some excellent guest speakers sharing insight on their areas of expertise. We have a Fisheries Biologist coming and he has an awesome presentation prepared with some excellent information about understanding the science of how our lake works. The Raffle Prize list has grown and we have some outstanding items to give away including: a GLoomis IMX Shaky Head Rod, $500 Outboard Service at Perry’s Hi-Tech, Costa Sunglasses from SuperSpin, Gift Cards from Hammond’s Fishing, Lanier Baits Prize Pack, a Free Retrieval Dive from ScubaMan Dive Services, a Kickin’ Their Bass TV Prize Pack of signature apparel, a 25 Quart Engel Cooler from John Megel Chevrolet, a Chattahoochee Jig Prize Pack, and much more! Don’t miss this fun and informative event! Call or text me directly to register: 770-542-7764. Fishing Report: The lake sits at 1.80 feet over full pool and the surface temps are hovering around 49 degrees in most areas of the lake. The Corp continues to pull water and the levels continue to drop daily…until the next rain. LOL. I have heard the cold rain last week really did a number on the upper lake, lowering temps up there into the low 40’s, but I have not been up there to check. The main lake below Browns Bridge is fairly clear, with the main body up above the bridge stained. Backs of creeks all around the lake are stained, but starting to clear up a bit. As has been the case for most of the winter, there are fish from shallow to deep right now. Before the cold rain, there was an awesome shallow ditch bite going on, but the conditions pushed a lot of the bait out deeper and the fish followed. There are still fish shallow in and around the ditches however, and these type of areas are where we generally start our days. A SuperSpin, a Chattahoochee Jig, and a jerkbait have all been productive of late in these areas. I look for the upcoming sunshine and warm weather to put more fish back shallow in these areas, so keep checking your good stuff. Steep rock has been another productive pattern for us of late as well. This pattern is better when the sun is out, but still works in the clouds. When the sun is out, particularly in the afternoons, look for the fish to be 15 ft or less in these steep rock areas. When the clouds are prevalent, look more in the 20-30 foot range. A ¼oz or 3/8oz Chattahoochee Jig has been the deal on the rocks. Use a Zoom Fat Albert twin tail or a Yamamoto 5 inch twin tail to give the bait a slower fall. Work the bait slowly on the rocks and instill periods of just letting it sit. Don’t be in a hurry and really pay attention. Many of the bites are difficult to detect. Lastly, don’t be afraid to fish timber lines right now either. There are still plenty of fish committed deep. We have been working a drop shot and a jig in the 40-55 foot range in and around outside and inside channel bends in the creek arms with consistent success. The fish size seems to vary every day, with good ones on some days and other days just keepers, but the fish are there and represent dependable bites. I also wanted to highlight the second group of pictures above. I had Tyler and Joe out with me on a Sunday morning in January. These young men made some memories with me that day – they wrecked ‘em! A SuperSpin and a Jerkbait was the ticket that morning in shallow ditches. I caught one on my first cast to show them the technique, and then turned the show over to them and they took the stage. It was fun to watch these boys go to work. We finished with 15 fish that morning, with some giants getting off at the boat. What a great day for all – congrats Tyler and Joe – super job! Here are the open dates I have in February: 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, and the entire last week of February as it stands. It’s a great time to learn a bunch of different styles of fishing right now, as well as time to start preparing for the BFL in late February. Give me a call and let’s go fishing! Thanks to all and May God Bless! Jimbo
Source: Old feed