Hey Gang – I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday season and y’all are geared up and ready for Christmas. We have decorated outside and inside in super-duper Clark Griswold fashion, and we are ready. Not really ready but sort of ready. LOL Fishing has been good the last few days. The warm weather and warming water temps have got the fish spread out quite a bit. There are fish up very shallow, mid-depth, and deep right now. The shallow fish contingent seems to be getting stronger each day with the warm weather. We have been starting shallow each day on rocky points or in creek ditches, and then rotating all the depth ranges as we go through the day to look for the most productive bite. As long as the water temps stay in the mid 50’s range, look for the spread of fish to continue. Each day brings different condtions and therefore different fishing situations and best approach, so stay flexible until you dial in the day. A crankbait worked up shallow early on windy rocky points and pockets has been hard to beat. These are often very good fish that are positioned very shallow and are agressive. Don’t expect a ton of bites, but definitely some good ones. A Chattahoochee Jig worked up shallow on the rocks has been productive also. You can pick those jigs up around the lake at Hammonds Fishing, Oakwood Bait and Tackle, the Dugout, and soon the Bait and Tackle Store at Buford Damn Road. They are hand-tied jigs on the display racks at the front of the store, but packaging has arrived so look for them on the main racks soon. I trail these jigs with either a Yamamoto Twin Tail or a Zoom Twin Tail Grub. We have also found a good bite deeper on rock points around 30 feet with the Chattahoochee Jig. This has been consistent location and depth recently with the cloudy weather. Some days the brush is important to this bite and some days they are just sitting on the rocks. In addition, we have found a good spoon bite out in the timber on most days. 40-50 feet around the timber edges has been the target depth and location for these fish. A jig and a worm have worked well also at times out there as well. It all just depends on the day and the prevailing conditions. Overall, the more wind we have, the longer I am going to stay shallow, particularly when we are looking for the bigger bites. As we all know, and as I have already mentioned, Christmas is coming. A guided trip makes an excellent Christmas gift for the fisher man or woman in your life, in my humble opinion anyway. LOL. Consider the gift of Jimbo this year for Christmas! Call or email me and I will be happy to mail or deliver a professional and festive looking gift certificate promptly. Right now, I have Tuesday, Thursday and Friday open next week. This is a great time to learn how to pattern these unpredictable late autumn fish and maximize your catch in different conditions. Give me a call and let’s fish! Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I was very busy over Thanksgivng week. I ran 8 trips in 7 days, including Thanksgiving Day. I expect the same for the weeks around Christmas and New Years. If you are having family in or have some down time and want to fish, please call me early to reserve those dates as they will go fast! Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo
Source: Old feed