Hey Gang! I want to wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas as well as a Happy and Prosperous New Year! I hope you all enjoy time with family and friends and make it a memorable holiday! SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: Before we get into fishing, I want to remind everyone that I have another seminar coming up on January 30, 2016. THIS IS GOING TO BE A MONSTER EVENT – SEMINAR AND EXPO – DO NOT MISS THIS! I will cover all aspects of Spring Fishing on Lanier, and we will have several guest speakers to address areas such as: Electronics, Float ‘n Fly, SuperSpin, Drop Shot, along with Boat and Motor maintenance. In addition, we will have Fisheries Biologist Patrick O’Rouke speaking to the crowd about the science behind fishing Lake Lanier. As a special guest, we will also feature Noah Pescitelli who will speak with the high school anglers about his journey through high school fishing along with his upcoming College Fishing career at SCAD. He will cover areas such as self-promotion through social media as well as securing sponsors. We have something for everyone – this a NO-MISS opportunity! Call or email me today to register! Also, check out Jimbo’s Fishing Seminar and Expo Page on Facebook! FISHING REPORT: Now, onto fishing. The fishing on Lake Lanier has been good. The warm weather and higher than normal water conditions has certainly made it different, but it has been fun out there. The good news is that you can catch fish pretty much any way you want to right now and at any depth. There are fish shallow, deep, and everywhere in between. Over the past few days, we have been starting shallow, but also alternating in some deeper places early in the day. Our first stops usually focus on the classic Lanier ditch bite with a SuperSpin slowly retrieved in the heart of the ditch. When the SuperSpin bite slows down, the Chattahoochee Jig and Crossball Jighead/Trick Worm combo has remained effective in the ditches. The fish often are VERY shallow in the mornings in those ditches. Make sure to probe all the way to the back of these areas. There are also some fish out deeper in some of those same ditches which will take the jig and worm offerings mentioned above. Through the day we are also fishing secondary rock points and steeper banks. We are working these steeper rock areas with the jig and worm for some good bites. Also, a Spro DD Little John crankbait around the rock has been productive on some days, especially when the wind is up. The spoon bite has continued to be good, especially on sunny days. This has been a solid mid-day pattern that has produced good numbers and a few big ones as well. Search in the 35-50 foot range around standing timber, and make sure there is some bait in the area. No bait, no fish! BOAT SHOW: Also, don’t miss my appearance at the Atlanta Boat Show on the Famous Fish Trough Saturday afternoon, Jan 16th. Ken Sturdivant of Lowrance will be be there along with many other fishing professionals who will be giving demonstrations and answering your questions. Don’t miss it! OPEN DATES: Here is what I have open the first two weeks of January: 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14. If you want to learn ditch fishing and all it includes, along with deep timber fishing, it will still be going on in Janaury given this warm weather! Give me a call ASAP to book your trip! Merry Christmas to all and May God Bless!! Jimbo
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