JIMBO’S GIFT CERTIFICATES MAKE A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!! Hey Gang – I hope y’all enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with family and friends! I took a few days off over the holiday for a short trip to New York with the family. We spent 4 days in Manhattan doing the tourist thing. The highlights were the 9/11 Museum, the Statue of Liberty, The Met, and of course, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The kids had a blast, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Especially the pizza. LOL. I will say I am glad to be back home and back to fishing! Enjoy the pictures above. We have really caught some good fish the last few weeks. The water level has started to drop and sits at .52 feet below full pool currently. The surface temp is around 59 degrees. The fish are scattered from shallow to deep to shallow again. There are some fish in the ditches right now, and I look for that pattern to get stronger as the water gets colder. Check shallow early in the day towards the back of the creek arms, and work deeper as the day progresses. A Super Spin tipped with a boot-tail type trailer is your best bet. A Chattahoochee Jig or Cross Ball/Worm combo can also be a strong choice depending on the mood of the fish. There is also a decent crankbait and spinnerbait bite at daylight on some days. Focus on rocky points, both primary and secondary. Look for the places that set up closest to deep water, however, expect the fish to be shallow. Sometimes very shallow. There are fish set up in the traditional deeper areas now as well. However, they don’t seem to be committed deep yet. They are definitely there on some days, and not on others. Look for bait in these key areas with timber. No bait, no fish as a general rule. A spoon, a drop shot, and the jig or worm can all be great options when you find them out there. Start your search in the 35-45 foot range around the timber edges. Just a reminder, I have another seminar coming up on January 30, 2016. I will cover all aspects of Spring Fishing on Lanier, and we will have several guest speakers to address areas such as: Electronics, Float ‘n Fly, SuperSpin, Drop Shot, along with Boat and Motor maintenance. In addition, we will have Fisheries Biologist Patrick O’Rouke speaking to the crowd about the science behind fishing Lake Lanier. As a special guest, we will also feature Noah Pescitelli who will speak with the high school anglers about his journey through high school fishing along with his upcoming College Fishing career at SCAD. He will cover areas such as self-promotion through social media as well as securing sponsors. We have something for everyone – this a NO-MISS opportunity! Call or email me today to register! Here are the dates I have open the next few weeks in December: 4, 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, and 19. This is a great time to learn the ditch bite, crankbait bite, as well as deep timber fishing. These are all items I covered in recent seminars, and now would be a great time to learn those techniques first hand on the water. Give me a call and let’s go catch ‘em! Thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo
Source: Old feed