Hey Gang – The weather is changing and the fish are biting. It has been a great 2 weeks out on the pond. The fishing has been very good and my customers have been enjoying some great catches. Of note from this past week, I had long time customers John R and “Uncle Steve” back out with me. John lives on the lake and came out with his dad on Friday and put a hurting on them. We rolled up to one hole and John caught 4 fish on 10 casts with Rick’s Bite Sized Herring Swimbait that rounded out a 19lbs sack for him alone that day. His dad had some nice ones too – it was great to have them both out and enjoy such an outstanding day on the water. Uncle Steve was back from Richmond, VA as well – he booked me for the first 4 days of the week, but was only able to stay for 2 of them due to illness. I was sad to see him leave early, but I will say that he made the most of the time he was here. You can see some of the results from Day 1 and Day 2 above right. Johnny R is up on the left. Both are great guys that I am tickled to have as customers and very good friends as well. Also some great pictures attached from mid-Septemeber of Father/Son Team Joe and John H as well as Brandon H. These are all topwater and swimbait fish as well. It has been a great month – Awesome catch fellas! Our recipe has been the same as it has been for months – topwater and swimbaits over brush. It has worked and we continue to run it because it is so much fun!! The active fish for this bite are in that 25 foot range. As is traditional, the bite does not get going well until mid morning but is then subject to last all day. We have been playig around with a DS and a crankbait a little bit in the mornings, but mainly it has been the topwater and swimbait all day. Hard to put it down just knowing what can happen. LOL. As far as availability, this week I only have the mornings of Thursday and Friday open, but am booked in the afternoons those days. I am a little more open next week with all day Friday the 10th open, along with Thursday afternoon the 9th. I also have the mornings of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday open (Oct 6-8), but am booked those afternoons. Give me a call and lets get out and enjoy some great fall weather and fishing!! Thanks to all, and May God Bless – Jimbo