Hey Everyone – Just a quick report from this past week as I have been out on trips for the past 6 days. It has been fun, but I am beat! LOL We have been enjoying some awesome weather and good fishing on the pond over the past few days. Even some great fishing as the pics prove. I have had some cool people out recently and it just reminds me how much I enjoy what I do! Thanks everyone! The water continues to cool and is starting to mix on the lower end. The bait and fish are starting to scatter. There are plenty of fish in the 15 foot range around humps, some deeper fish out on the timber edge, as well as fish up shallow. The brush is still holding very well in some areas also, particularly brush that is near a sharp depth break leading to deep water. While the bottom bumping baits such as a worm and jig have been good for a few, the topwater, jerkbait, and swimbaits have still been best for us, especially for the bigger fish. This past week, the sunny afternoons were better for the bite than the mornings in general, although we have been catching some big fish just after daylight on a Sebile and a chug bug. The early AM schooling bite seems to have slowed a bit, but is still there around some keys humps. Just look around a bit, you will see the action. Get in there and have fun when you see them pushing bait! Over the next week I have this Wednesday and Thursday October 29 and 30 open, as well as next Tuesday November 4 open as well. I would love to have you out to enjoy some great fishing and perfect fall weather. Give me a call and let’s do it! Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo